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Maybe we should read our post before we post them..

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  • Maybe we should read our post before we post them..

    Duane are you sure you didn't mean to say that the featherboard should be used in front of the blade. If you put it behind the blade you'll pinch the material tight to the blade after it has been cut a sure fire way to get kick back.
    I think you may have confused the front & the back of the blade. The front of the blade is where the wood first meets the blade as you push it through.

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    posted 01-19-2002 10:18 AM
    Dennis mentioned a site " Carpentry using a table saw" They show about using feather boards and push sticks and mention preventing kickback. The illustraition is actually a recipe for kickback, with the feather board pushing the work right into the side of the blade.A feather board should only be used behind the blade to keep the work pushed up against the fence. to prevent kickback a splitter should be used to prevent saw kurf closing upafter passing the blade. This post in the interest of safety
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    Darn I\'ve stretched this board 3 times & it\'s still to short.

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    Bart, I know a lot of people who call the side of the saw where you stand, "the back". Theory is that the board is running forward through the saw. I, like you, think of the front of the blade as the falling teeth side.

    We can easily eliminate all confusion by using the proper words. Infeed and outfeed are not at all ambiguous.



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      what is the web site?
      Andy B.


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        Beg pardon?