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TS 3650/3660 Waxing

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  • TS 3650/3660 Waxing


    Do you also have to wax the black power coated spots on the iron table top? The bottom is completely black power-coated and also the cuts in the table extensions.

    I'm thinking not, but just wanted to check.



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    Re: TS 3650/3660 Waxing

    I don't believe they are powder coated, but no you only need to worry about the machines surfaces for the most part.

    I do the top, the edges, and the miter slots on mine. You have to do a good job of cleaning out the miter slots or you will have excess wax to deal with for months to come. I only take the rag with whatever wax is on it after doing the top and run it through there, then follow up with a clean rag. This has kept the miter gage running nice and smooth and its easier to clean sawdust and what have you out. It doesn't want to stick with the wax coating.
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      Re: TS 3650/3660 Waxing

      Thanks for the reply.

      Just to clarify I am talking about the table top, just the bottom side of it. Do we need to even apply a rust inhibitor to it as well or no?


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        Re: TS 3650/3660 Waxing

        I've never heard of doing anything to the underside, but particular temp / humidity issues might make it a "eeeeh, why not?" situation.

        I put three coats of Johnson's Wax on the top, slots and rails after it's kerosene cleaning.

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          Re: TS 3650/3660 Waxing

          many hit the bottom of their saws with Boeshield T9. It forms a nice wax coat. If the bottom rusts it will leech up and around to the top.