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Refinishing 50 year hardwood floors

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  • Refinishing 50 year hardwood floors

    I am doing my first refinish job on some hardwood floors they are oak I am sure, red oak I believe my question is what is the best wood filler or way to patch minor holes some termite trails in this wood so that it will look decent when staining,I have already cut out the real bad pieces as well. I have seen some rushed hardwood jobs where the stain turns yellow or white over the filler, I have saved quite a bit of the sanded dust in a bucket,someone once told me that you could use that some how as a wood filler. This house is only going to be a rental but anytrhing I do I try to do to the best of my ability,this concept has helped me through out my 12 plus years in the plumbing trade and I dont wanna setttle for less now just because its a rental and not my trade. I also plan on selling this house if the market ever comes back around. Thanks In Advance To All.

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    Re: Refinishing 50 year hardwood floors

    if it is compatible mix stain into the filler, and there are lacquerer type products that one can mix into wood flour, (fine saw dust), to trowel in a filler in to hard wood floors, and then do a final buffer sanding to remove the excess filler, (I have read one flooring person using dry wall mud as filler, I did not think that sounded very good,

    I made my own filler, with some of the varnish I was going to use and sander dust, (the finer the better), and made a past, and troweled it into the floor, if you added stain to the filler the filler would all ready be dark,

    depending on the situation, one can stain and finish the floor one coat of finish, and then go in with a proper wood filler putty and fill the little holes, and then put the remanding coats of finish on when the putty is dry,

    if you skip the staining process, the entire process will be much easer, and keep the room lighter, unless you have some major stains in the wood your trying to cover or hide, I would skip the staining all together,
    below are two links I found some time ago, know little about the company's,
    wood fillers
    wood flour cement
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      Re: Refinishing 50 year hardwood floors

      Not an expert,but an above aveage Bear. I use Timbermate fillers in cabinet work, this stuff is amazing. Here is a link I would buy a color as close as you can get to your final stain and apply BEFORE staining and this stuff truely accepts stain. I would not get the neutrel, unless you what to mix your own with dyes . This stuff is water base and never goes bad. Does not effect the pores in the wood (no different color surrounding wood), if you don't like it ,a wet rag will remove it. There is a whole bunch of info on the site or go to the Timbermate site.
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