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ZCI when mitreing?

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  • ZCI when mitreing?

    I didn't think about this until I already ordered my blank ZCI for my TS3660. What do you guys do when mitreing? Do you have one for the common angles or is it not so important?

    Truing up an angled piece may be a common thing, however my mitre saw could handle most of these needs (up to 8" anyway).


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    Re: ZCI when mitreing?

    I make picture frame moldings and one style -- the only one that gets made entirely on the TS -- has a 12 degree angle on the face. I have one ZCI just for that operation. I do other angles so rarely that, so far, I use the stock insert for those.


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      Re: ZCI when mitreing?

      I assume you mean bevel cutting (blade tilted). I make my own ZCIs so I will use one if it is a project with a lot of repeating bevel cuts, or is expensive wood that is prone to tear out. Other than that I usually just use the stock insert. or, like you, my miter saw.

      To minimize tear-out on a bevel, cut with the "show" surface up. (for table saw. Face down for miter saw). That will put any tear-out on the inside or hidden face of the joint. Although this seems simple, sometimes it can be difficult or time consuming to get the dimensions exact, but is time well spent on a fine piece.

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