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    saw product for removing rust from table saw, what is the process using this product?

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    Re: bar keepers friend

    Bar keepers friend is just a scouring power, cleaner, it appears to have a polishing compound , it cleans well, works great on Stainless steel, never used it on the Table saw, I use it in the meat room on the stainless steel sinks and in the milk room on the stainless steel. I do not think it has any bleach in it, as some of the other powered cleaners may have. but it is a good cleaner of built up grime,

    it is just a scouring power cleaner, similar to Ajax and Comet and others,

    I see they have a lime and rust remover product as well

    I usually just took some light grit sand paper 300 to 400, and smoothed out any rust build up (when it happened), and then would take some steel wool and some past wax and finish it out, yes there was a "stain" in the cast top, but that is because the steel had oxidized, and there was little on could do about that.
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      Re: bar keepers friend

      WD-40 and steel wool works great, and it's cheap!


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        Re: bar keepers friend

        The difference between Barkeeper's Friend and Comet cleanser is the BF has oxalic acid in it (same thing used in most metal polishes) and not bleach, so it removes metal corrosion more readily. Comet has bleach and no Oxalic acid, so it will promote corrosion.

        If using Barkeepers friend on a cast iron saw table, rinse it with a wet rag, then a damp one and immediately (before it dries) wipe the area with some paste wax. Otherwise, it will "flash rust" as the moisture dries due to the acidity of the cleanser. I have used it and it works well, but the flash rust is so annoying that I now use WD-40 and a green scrubby pad instead. The BF is great for shining up the brass on fine tools, etc., as the pumice is fine and won't scratch it.

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