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I am new to wood, but need a sander..

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  • I am new to wood, but need a sander..


    Can someone recommend a good sander, that would be good for sanding down older furniture that I want to restore..

    I have never done this, so any help you offer would be great!

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    Re: I am new to wood, but need a sander..

    For small to medium jobs I've been really impressed with my Bosch RA hand sander. The orbital action prevents noticable scratches and it's very smooth with little vibration. You can also hook up a shop vac to it to cut down on the dust. For larger jobs a belt sander is the way to go, but you really need to be more careful with these as they can do a lot of damage rather quickly if you're not paying attention.


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      Re: I am new to wood, but need a sander..

      For larger flat areas, a good random orbital sander is your best bet. The Ridgid gets good reviews as do many of the other popular brands. Some models come with a variable speed option which some view as a plus while others, I belong to the latter group, say is a waste of money. For corners and tight spot work, there are detail sanders also. As I don't own one of those I really can't help you with a recommendation on a good one.
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        Re: I am new to wood, but need a sander..

        I have a Ridgid orbital and it works well. I especially like the long power cord. I also have two Porter Cable pad sanders that I haven't used since I bough the Ridgid a few years ago.

        The hook and loop pad wore out on my Ridgid orbital after about a year of hard use. I called customer support and they mailed me a new one for not much money, I think $12.00. The part was here in a couple days. Excellent service.

        The only time I use the variable speed is when I have large areas to wax. I have a buffing pad that fits over the head and I slow the speed down to as slow as it will go - works well.

        I have a Ryobi detail sander that as far as I am concerned is a piece of junk. It is loud and the orbits are way too big. A card scraper is faster and does a better job for me.

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          Re: I am new to wood, but need a sander..


          Thanks for all the great responses,

          When I buy plumbing tools its easier, well because I know plumbing( well sorta), but when I buy stuff for wood, I am just lost.

          Thanks so much for the tips !!


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            Re: I am new to wood, but need a sander..

            For a decent, cheap detail sander the "Mouse" sanders are ok. They don't stand up to a lot of use, but they do well at getting into corners and they're light enough to hold onto. Of course, what I see as the best detail sander would be the Fein Multimaster Pro. It also makes a really nice little saw for tight spaces and tricky cuts.

            I have the Ridgid ROS and it works very well. It gets a lot of use around the shop and it's held up well.
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              Re: I am new to wood, but need a sander..

              Another vote for the ridgid.

              One drawback IMO. The "on/off" switch is very easy to bump and when you first start using it, you will turn it off accidentally many times. On a few occasions you might even turn it on when you didn't mean to.