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  • Paging R4511 owners...

    Since I don't have the patience to search the 50 something pages in the R4511 thread... or is it laziness.... I thought I would start a new one to ask a couple questions about the R4511.

    I finally was able to see one of these guys first hand a local HD... and of course it was not completely assembled, so I had a couple questions for the guys that own one.

    First, how is the dust collection? Looks like it would work really well with the base enclosed like it is.

    Second, how is the stiffness of the fence? The fence in my mind was a step down from the design on the TS3650/3660, but it could just be that the saw was not fully (or properly) assembled.

    Finally, the website states that the splitter/ guard travels up and down with the blade. Since the saw was not fully assembled, meaning the splitter was not installed I could not see how this worked. Does this work like a true riving knife and go into the saw with the blade in the lowered position? I ask because I am like most on here, lacking in shop real estate. I plan to have the saw stored under a worktop when not in use, so if the splitter retracts fully into the saw, then I could just lift off the fence and push it under the bench.

    Thanks for any answers you can give, because I am very much interested in what looks to be a very solid and well designed saw.

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    Re: Paging R4511 owners...

    With Limited use thus far, the dust collection seems quite good. I am using a Ridgid commercial vac on mine.

    While some folks on the other thread have problems with their fence, Mine was perfect out of the box, other than needing alignment to the blade. No movement in it whatsoever. I did add faces to both sides.

    Yes, splitter does go up and down with the blade. However, it is still a splitter and not a riving knife so with blade completely retracted there is still a couple of inches of the splitter obove the table surface. Like many others, I am going to try and replace the splitter with Steel City riving knives.

    I may have not been used to much in past, but I think the saw is awesome!

    Big G


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      Re: Paging R4511 owners...

      gufra, the 4511 doesn't come supplied with the riving knives but it is in fact a true riving knife setup on the saw. You would have to purchase the low height riving knives that would allow you to perform a non-through cut on the saw and drop down below the table when you need it to. Some people on this site have purchased riving knives made for the steel city hybrid saw and I believe they fit. I'm sure someone can chime in with that info. You also can fabricate your own riving knives using the supplied splitter guard as a template and just make the total height of the knife 1/8" lower than the height of a standard 10" blade. A made mine knives (3 different kerf thicknesses) out of aluminum. They work just fine! By the way the saw performs wonderfully. It's rugged, smooth, accurate, nice to look at, and an excellent value! Dust collection is very good with a decent dust collection system. So far I'm more than pleased with the saw and feel it was a great choice!



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        Re: Paging R4511 owners...

        So Far So Good. I'm using a Jet dust collector, and it does a descent job (1100DC) collecting the dust , there still is some dust left inside the cabinet, but nothing on the floor, nor on the front of the saw (controls) which is good.

        The fence is pretty good, I'm not familiar with the fence system on the 36x0 models, but this one is steel metal as opposed to extreded aluminum on the 36x0. This one is a scaled-down version of the biesmeyer fence, lighter duty, slimmer, and a 2 piece rail as opposed to a single piece, so far I haven't found that to be a problem. The fence does come faceless, and with slight imperfections (+-0.005 bow in the middle) which can be remedied with a UHMW face and shims (just like the biesmeyer fence does). I have not done that yet, but will do that shortly.

        splitter is indeed a riving knife setup, but a true riving knife for through-cut operations is not provided with the saw -you can get SteelCity one, or make you own.


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          Re: Paging R4511 owners...

          Hey everyone,
          Not to hijack a thread here, but I have a related question...

          With regard to the dust collection... with this cabinet being totally enclosed, does that mean you HAVE to use a dust collection system with this saw (even though it may just be a shop vac)?

          What would happen if you didn't hook up some kind of sucking device to the dust port?

          I am very intrigued by this saw, and am seriously considering buying one.




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            Re: Paging R4511 owners...

            1. you could use a shopvac with this... it WILL work. just a matter of CFM - how much lumber you run by the saw in comparison with the shopvac specs.

            2. you can leave the lower part of the cabinet (the dust cover) OFF , which will just let everything fall off to the floor.

            otherwise -eventually the cabinet WILL get overfilled.