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  • David Mark's show on DIY

    Has anyone seen the Wood Works show hosted by David Marks on DIY? It is a great show and he builds a lot of nice stuff out of different woods. He is definitely a Tung Oil fan as well.

    I just have one question, though, and that is I wonder how much chip out and mistakes he actually does before he finally gets it right. I am sure that he is better than most, but I really would love to see the behind the scenes. Also, I would like to see the cost benefit analysis between time and effort and actually cost.

    I remember Norm Abram had an episode showing behind the scenes stuff once and it is a comforting feeling knowing that you are not alone.

    Just thoughts.....
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    Yea, he has a good show, though I haven't seen it since they took him off HGTV-----DIY is an extra $11/month (in an additional package) on our system and I rufuse to bite.

    As to mistakes, well, we can only guess. But on an earlier show, he showed off his "collection" of exotics, burels, etc. With the guestimated costs of that wood, I seriously doubt he takes shortcuts or makes too many mistakes.

    I do like some of his stuff, but some is to artsey for my tastes, but I do like to watch his methods.


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      I have wondered the same thing about that show. But I choose not to think about the cost benefit or lack of in building stuff, expecially when you factor in the amount of tools and such. But still love the hobby.


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        I have always wondered how big the warehouse is that they store all of his full size MDF patterns in. LOL I wish he and Norm would tell us where to find some of the woods they use. I have run searches and found nothing.
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          He did a show on where he gets his wood in CA. Proably can look it up on DIYnet in the episode guide. His shop is 36'X36' like 1300sqft is what he said when in the show where he discussed the tools he had. With room like that, he could put that patterns anywhere.


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            One of the places he showed is a 20 minute drive from me. And, another ten minutes away is Woodcraft, where I've seen many of the woods he uses---


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              Try or


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                The wood source you gave.
                You need to add an s on yours.
                Thanks for the sources, I use Steve Wall sometimes.


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                  i might be off base on this one...but anyway...

                  i have been watching quite a lot of woodworks lately, and noticed that norm's new yankee workshop isnt on as much as it once was in my area. anyway, after watching david marks for a few months now, i caught an episode of new yankee workshop this passed weekend. comaprison between the 2, it would appear that norm is a hack when compared to david. not that norm is not very good..and fun to watch, but david seems to be head and shoulders above norm in my opinion.

                  and david seems to explain more than norm does

                  just my two cents


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                    I still enjoy Nahm, but he uses an awful lot of mechanical fasteners. Marks uses very few mechanical fasteners, but he loves his multi-router for loose tenon joinery -- not a cheap or common tool.

                    They both have extremely well equipped shops, but Marks' seems more realistic compared to Nahm's, which seems to be constantly visited by the Delta/PC Upgrade fairy.

                    While I envy their tools, I envy their talents more. I just wish they'd spend more time on how they crafted their jigs rather than showing us a shot of a router riding along the jig.

                    Wait until I get my show ... then I'll learn them a thing or two (sic)


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                      In my area (SC) Marks is on DIY a couple of times a week and Norm is on HGTV and PBS. The schedule has really increased lately. Anybody seen a router show on PBS. It has been listed but has not come on yet.


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                        In my area, The Router Workshop shows on Saturday afternoon sandwiched between Roy Underhill's and Scott Phillip's show. I think it's at 1:30 central in Nashville, TN. The show's web page is I think there is a listing available.


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                          Thanks, I put it on record and when I came back it said it did not play. I will try to catch up to it and record.