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TS2424 - Fence alignment

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  • TS2424 - Fence alignment

    Did anyone else have a hard time getting their fence square? I have adjusted my fence several times and I just can't get it to stay square. Am I missing something? Any secret trick that I can try? Your input would be appreciated!!!


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    Did you try tightening the nut on the outfeed side of the fence? Instruction manual tells you how to get the proper tension. This is the only adjustment that has anything to do with the clamping force. Instruction manual is pretty clear on how to set up.


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      I didn't have any real problem with that that I can recall. However, this may be good to try. Getting a length of straight, flat board and place it on its edge in the miter slot, holding one face of the board against the right side of the miter slot. After losening the screws on either side of the rip fence handle and hold the left side of the rip fence against the right face of the board while pushing the right face of the board against the right edge of the miter slot. The board should help you keep the rip fence aligned with the miter slot as you tighten the screws on either side of the rip fence handle.


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        Hi Jamie

        I agree with what George suggested. The first thing I did was to make sure my blade was as perfectly alligned with your miter slot as I could get it. I then placed a metal straight edge in the slot. After backing off the fence adjustment screws, I then adjusted my fence so that it was touching the straight edge along the length before tightening the screws. I did place a shim between the straightedge and the outfeed side of the fence. If you can get it perfect, that's great. Make sure that the outfeed side "is not closer" to the blade than the infeed side, however, as that will pinch the board between the fence and the blade causing a possible kickback. Something to avoid.

        My fence is the Incra fence but the same procedure works for the Ridgid fence. Take your time with this setup step, it's vitally important. A dial indicator makes it easier to get it perfect but if you follow the procedure above, you should get very close. Mine favors the outfeed by .002 after using the above procedure, close enough. Get this step right and you won't be able to tell the difference between your Ridgid 2400 and a $1500 Jet cabinet saw. I do have a Freud Rip blade but for general use I use a Freud LU-84 blade on my 2424 and the only reason I sand the edges after a cut is to rough up the edge for gluing *smile*.

        Best of luck.