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Just bought a TS2424

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  • Just bought a TS2424

    After reading all the reviews and checking out numerous saws in stores I picked the TS 2424. There was a couple of questions that came up in my research that no one at HD could answer though.
    1. Life time warranty:
    I was told at HD that this included the motor which surprised me. Was he correct?
    2. Motor design:
    My concern was that the motor was not a TEFC design. Has anyone had any problems over time with this or any specific pecautions to recommend?
    3. Blade height lock:
    Has anyone had any problems related to not having a height lock and experianceing variation between repetitive cuts? A friend's saw I used in the past had this feature.

    PS: Great forum. Thanks for any advise.

    Wood Dog

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    2: Most contractor's tablesaws, going back about 70 years, have open frame motors. It is only recently that anyone has thought this was an issue, undoubtedly based of Jet's use of TEFC motors. They use TEFC on everything. In short, wasn't a problem then, still isn't. Vacuum the thing out occasionally.

    3: Same kind of thing. Emerson has had this design for a looooong time (Jake, how old IS this design, anyway? [img]smile.gif[/img]). Important tip, always finish your adjustment with the blade rising, this preloads the lash in the assembly and holds height very well.

    I defer on warranty.



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      Thanks for the feedback. That is a good point about preloading the blade height in an upward direction. I have been in the habit of doing this even with a lock. I had hoped that there would not be a height variation issue with this saw as one of the problems I found in the past was that the lock on some saws actually seemed to slightly alter the height after engaging. Thanks also for your comments on the motor design. I am more familiar with the open design and was wondering if the TEFC would actually be an inherently longer life motor (all other specs being equal) and if Ridgid had any plans to move in that direction.

      Thanks again,
      Wood Dog


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        <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Dave Arbuckle:
        Jake, how old IS this design, anyway? [img]smile.gif[/img]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

        I checked with some of the old timers around here and it looks like we started making saws with that design in the 40s. And we hav never had any trouble with the blade lowering.


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          Hmmm, only sixty years, huh? Guess we'll have to give it some time to see if it will work out.

          I always get a kick when someone mentions they have a really old contractor's saw, made in '89. [img]smile.gif[/img]

          [added] Geez, where are my manners? Thanks for checking, Jake.


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