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  • European Hinges

    I'm planning on installing European hinges on cabinet doors that I have made. I see there are hinge kits that come with a Forstner bit and jig that you can buy. Has anyone used a router to drill the hole and made their own jig? Thanks.

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    Re: European Hinges

    I never have but it would seem you could fashion a simple jig from a piece of hardboard or plywood and use a bushing in a plunge router. Cut a hole sized for you router bit and bushing to yield the correct size hole for the hinge. Add a fence to slide up next to the door edge and clamp the jig in place. Then plunge the router down and swirl around to router the hole out.
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      Re: European Hinges

      I have done it both way. Before getting the special metric bit, I did a couple with my plunge router free hand (without a template). I just marked the wood with a pencil and did it slowly. You cannot tell which hinge is done with the router because the hinge metal cup cover it all.