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ridgid 3650 burnt marks on wood

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  • ridgid 3650 burnt marks on wood

    good day to all,

    can't quite figure this one out so I need some help... while cutting some 3/4 oak strips of 2.5 inches by 36 inches long on my table saw, I get burnt marks... can someone please tell me how to correct this. All the help is prreciated....

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    Re: ridgid 3650 burnt marks on wood

    There are a number of areas to check.

    Is your material straight and flat? If the edge you are running against the fence is not straight it can cause this or if the board is not flat it can rock and cause binding or burning.

    Feed rate? You trying to do too much work too fast? Different species and thicknesses of wood will require you to adjust you feed rate accordingly.

    Correct blade (rip, combo, etc.) and is it sharp? The wrong blade and its sharpness will affect the quality of your cuts.

    TS Alignment (blade and fence square to miter slot)? If the blade and the fence are not square with the miter slot then binding and burning can be the result.
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      Re: ridgid 3650 burnt marks on wood

      and, regarding the blade, the thing that gives me burn marks whenever i am in a hurry, is the height of the blade. Freud blades' tech reps have stated that the blade height should be no higher than the bottom of the gullet clearing the surface of teh work piece. personally, i set my blade so the workpiece surface is intersected by the middle of the blade teeth at top dead center. that way, the blade slices through the material much like a scissors cuts through material.
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        Re: ridgid 3650 burnt marks on wood

        What kind of blade are you using? Likely causes are a misaligned saw that's pinching the wood, too many teeth on the blade, dirty blade, dull blade, too slow a feedrate, blade set too low, wet wood, reactionary wood that's pinching, and wood that's not flat.

        3/4" oak should cut fairly easily even with a good 60T blade that's suitable for a tables saw (has a positive hook), be sure the wood is flat and straight, that the fence to blade alignment is spot on, the blade is clean and sharp, and use a splitter. Also make sure your throat insert is flat, stiff (doesn't flex), and flush with the top. If all those things check out ok, try raising the blade a little, so that fewer teeth are buried in the wood at any given time.


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          Re: ridgid 3650 burnt marks on wood

          I had an identical problem when ripping up some 3/4" oak and after some careful analysis (after getting a lot of advice from this forum) I found that my saw blade was very slightly misaligned (squeezing towards the fence) at the back of the blade, compounded that the fence was also not perfectly square to the table. Thus I was squeezing the wood right tight against the blade and getting some awful scorching. After squaring both the blade and the fence using some of the techniques found in this forum that problem of scorched wood disappeared. Getting everything perfectly square is first and foremost, I'd check those things first.