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Link belt on TS's?

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  • Link belt on TS's?

    I installed a link belt on my TS after it developed a vibration. Problem solved/incredibly smooth (also have WW2+stabilizer).

    Couple of questions:
    1- Does the link belt produce more resistance?

    2- Why doesn't Ridgid make this type belt OEM? Can't be but a few cents differnce in cost.

    rotsa ruck & bee safe

    Rodney J in TX

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    I'm really surprised that you found that big of a difference between the link belt and the polly-v belt we use currently. The poly-v belts have signifigantly less vibration than the standard v-belts and last much long than even the link belts.

    BTW did you install new pullies?


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      On a TS2424? Like Jake, I'd be surprised to see any difference at all, other than the link belt being a lot noisier.

      I wish I could get Poly-V's for some of my other equipment, at a reasonable price.



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        Sorry guys, I've been goofing off and not paying attention. Trying to budget my time.

        Jake: yes, I did replace the pulleys. Piece of cake.

        Dave: link-belt noisy? Mine is VERY quiet and VERY smooth. Band saw is the next candidate. Jointer runs smooth/quiet w/OEM belt.


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          Dave: I'm STILL not paying attention.

          re: your query as to model: TS2424


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            Where did you get he pulleys for the link belt??? I have used the link belt over the years in the optical busines on many machines and like them. I would change to them in a "New York Second". Jake Please pay attention as this may be something that RIDGID may address in the CHANGES ON YOUR UNITS or offer as and option.


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              As to the pulleys---they sell machined pulleys in kits with link belts---check the major ww'ing catalogs. However, I think Rigid, at least on the 2424, has already addressed the issue by going with machined pulleys and the Poly' V belts mentioned---Link belts are obviously a good alternative to standard belts and cast pulleys, but the current Rigid system sounds like a winner.


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                I purchased my set from:


                2 pullies & link belt & shipping $52.94

                They were quick and easy.

                rodney j in tx


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                  Don't mean to be argumentative but I have to agree with Woodbutcher. I have the TS2424 as well and even after checking allignment and tension, I wasn't completely satisfied with the OEM belt. It was OK but I was getting a slight vibration that I didn't like and any adjustment I made with tension (pully allignment was right on) had no effect. Therefore, I decided to try the link belts and pullies. Made a big difference in startup and running smoothness on my machine. Passed the nickle test, penny test and even the dime test [img]smile.gif[/img] .

                  I can't explain why they work better but they do. Don't knock them, they make me appreciate and enjoy my TS 2424 even more than before .