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    I just got back from HD, where the Ryobi rep was setting up the very large, very nice Ridgid power tool display, corded and uncorded. They were a tad busy, so I didn't bug them too much, but this I can tell you -

    The tools appear to be well built and rugged. A tad heavy IMHO, but they have the feel of a well made tool.
    the 2X Battery charger will handle 3 different voltages ( 12/14/18 )
    Color - not quite HD orange, but close enough so you know there was some influence there. They look nice. Period.
    Cost - ( am going from memory here ) They were just beginning to put up prices, but the 7 1/4 saw was $119, the jigsaw was $149 and the ROS was $69. Didn't get a price on the 6" VS ROS tho.
    They said that they thought that the 9A corded sawsall was going to go for 99, but weren't positive. Wish I had more info but was on my lunch hour....

    - Doug

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