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TS2400 - Dado blade

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  • TS2400 - Dado blade

    Is it taboo to use an adjustable dado set on my Ridgid TS 2400? Just hate to spend the money for a stacked set when I have a nearly new 7' adjustable blade from my previous Rockwell machine. Thanks for your thoughts!

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    Re: TS2400 - Dado blade

    No problem using stacked dado set on the TS2400 that I am aware of (I quite frequently use a Freud 8" set on mine)


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      Re: TS2400 - Dado blade

      TomApple, I think he wants to know if he can use an "adjustable" dado on that machine.

      geosinner101, is it a wobble dado? When you turn the dial do the blades move away from each on one end and then meet back up again on the other?


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        Re: TS2400 - Dado blade

        Altima...I reread it and I think you are right. My bad.

        But the answer is the same...yes.

        You can use either type of dado set on a TS2400. Many folks use a wobble dado set for saws with smaller horsepower motors (under 1.5 horse) as well as smaller table top saws that have short arbors. You can use a wobble set on the TS2400 as well as 8" stacked sets.

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          Re: TS2400 - Dado blade

          Sorry about the terminology. I was referring to a 'wobbly' dado blade. For the amount of use I make of a dado blade I hesitate to buy a new stacked set. Just wondered if anyone had experience with adjustable blade.


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            Re: TS2400 - Dado blade

            Cool! I don't own the same saw, so I didn't want to comment on it.


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              Re: TS2400 - Dado blade

              Just one word of caution - just 'dry' installed the wobble on the shaft of the TS2400. With the outer blade washer off, the shaft nut almost runs out of thread. I know Ridgid likes to have one thread showing with the nut tightened down. Mabey I'll save my money up for a nice stacked dado set. I'm sure my wife will overjoyed with a $$$ purchase.


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                Re: TS2400 - Dado blade

                The words "wobble" and "table saw" used together should raise a flag! A wobbler will certain cut the channel, although most wobblers leave an arc on the bottom. You can get a decent stacked carbide dado set in the $50 range if you're careful....I think even the $20 HF unit might be a better choice.

                Just stumbled into this deal....your lucky day!

                Edit #2:
                Nuther deal - Oldham 6" for $40 from Rockler.

                Edit #3:
                Nuther nice deal - New Avenger 6" 30T w/5T chippers for $35 plus shipping. Same as the new Oshlun 6".
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