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  • Free plans?

    I'm starting to build a dresser for my son, and need a few tips on the construction. (I normally fit together outdoor stuff and this is my first dresser try) I am going to use the dimensions of the one he currently has, but would like to look at a set of plans to find the best method of construction. (ie. how to mount top, where supports go, etc.)

    I plan on dadoing the sides (of cabinet and making a plywood frame for drawer support under each drawer)and dovetailing the drawers together. (all plywood) Then I'll edge the front and top with 1x oak for appearance. For the drawer fronts, I plan on glueing up some 1x4's, and then cutting them to size so I don't get the plywood lines.

    Does anyone see anything wrong with what I'm saying, or does it not make sense? I saw this construction on the New Yankee show last week, when he built a cheat from Plywood.

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    The public library has many books on furniture construction. I live in a small town, and have no problem finding what I am after, as they also have a share program among the library's in the area. Try it!
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      Here is a link to a place I visit on occasion to look for free plans and such:

      There is a "Modern Wardrobe" or dresser as you and I would call it on the page... When you open the page to the dresser link there is a blue bar at the top with a tape measure that says "Download A Construction Drawing", it will open an Acrobat Reader file. If you don't have Acrobat reader, you can download it there too...

      You might find something you can use in all of this...
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        Here's another link that you might want to look through. Plans vary greatly in quality but the price is right.

        My only advice, get a good look at some other quality (usually means antique) dressers and get your plan right up front. If you do it right, he will keep this dresser forever.