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Where are the cordless tools????

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  • Where are the cordless tools????

    I have been checking out the local HDs here in the Miami area, and have not yet seen the new cordless tools. Help!

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    We ain't got 'em in Beaumont Tx either. Got miter saws and even got one a' them 3650's. Nice lookin saw; but nothin cordless yet either, and I sure would like to see 'em


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      Welcome aboard fellows----didn't need to see your post numbers to know you're new here! Not laughing at you, but boy did you bring up a sore subject.

      There have to be several hundred posts here from when Ridgid introduce the 3612 table saw--over a year ago, and half the people here couldn't find one in the HDs----same goes with just about any of the stationary tools----employees didn't know where the back stock was and not motivated enough to look for them----I'd suspect those tools could show up anywhere from tomorrow to next year! Have patience!


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        They are coming! A hundred or more stores are getting set up each night with them, with so many to do it takes time. Try towards the end of the week. I'd say right now about 40% of them have them.


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          Was up at HD today getting a wet/dry vac and decided to see if they had the cordless tools out. In Georgia, at least the one I went to, they had a whole disply showing all the new tools, cordless and corded. They included the combo kit, some die gridners, sanders, etc. From what I have looked at, I am impressed. Quality seems to be in the product and I like the fact that the chuck on the drill can be tighten with one hand like the DeWALT and unlike the Makita. So impressed, I'm debating if I should return the DeWALT combo kit I recently purchased. Any thoughts? I am building my tool collection, so I don't have much experience. I am also starting out as doing woodworking as a hobby.


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            The HD near me has a cordless display setup, about 200 feet from the tool corral next to gardening. Nice LOOKING display, cannot touch/evaluate the tools. There are no ridgid cordless tools in the tool corral. I admit I am no merchandising genius, but apparently neither is the guy who decided on this. I am not trying to be negative but I just thought you folks at ridgid might not be aware of this, most people will not buy a tool without touching it. And when I need a tool I go to the tool corral not gardening.
            Best of luck with your new line of tools.


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              Finally got into HD today---they had an endcap showcase display of them and a few scattered amoung the other power tools.

              Side by side with Ryobi---for comparable tool/volts---the Ridgid were priced about 30-40% more---had a few different features, but were essentially the same dye for the case, etc.

              I just played with the 12 v. cordless drill----don't know why there's a lock button you have to push before engaging the trigger. Seemed like a fair degree of torque jerking when stopping it---

              The biggest thing was it's nose heavy (yes, the battery was in). When held at the trigger, the chuck end really pulls down----did a side-by-side with Makita and DW----both better balanced.


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                I just spoke with one of the HD associates today. She told me my stores are next week. she then handed me a flyer with an overview of all the new tools. She emntione that they will be the same or less in price than the DeWalt models. According to her, they actually has a training class on the ridgid stuff. (bot would that be nice.