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  • Old Woodworking Machine - Replacement Parts

    Anyone know where I can order old obsolete parts for discontinued woodworking tools. My father has a craftsman 6" sander manufactured in 1950. He needs a part for it but I really dont even know where to start looking. Anyone got some sites I could check out for parts?
    Heres a link to a picture of the sander.



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    I have done some of the obvious searching and asked some of the guys on owwm... checked ebay and came up with nothing...

    Emerson doesnt have any replacement parts for this model. And I couldnt get on the sears parts site before. Maybe Ill try again.

    Thanks for the reply though... I have the feeling this part is gonna be tough to find... and I did consider having it machined but that would pry cost 100 bucks minimum cause it is a pretty complex part.



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      Heres the info on the sander...

      Machine Type: Sander
      Model 103.27280 Sander
      Machine Size: 9" Disk/ 6"x 48" Belt
      Date of manufacture: 1950
      Manufactured by King-Seeley Corp.
      Craftsman branded

      I did search the sears site and came up with nothing... maybe you may have some more luck.

      Thanks a lot,



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        Josh, do you have a local Sears Parts Center? If so, run down and see what they can do. A few years ago I searched all over the internet for a part for my 20 year old Craftsman saw. Out of desperation I went to the parts center and they had the part I needed. If you don't have a parts center, drop me a PM with the part description and number and I'll check our store.

        Good Luck
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