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    Need help with shop layout. I am planning to build a 22' x 22' shop and don't know the optimal layout (i.e., where to place the miter saw, radial arm, etc.) Anybody know of any good sources of information that would either help me decide on layout or at least offer some different layouts to look at for purposes of getting some ideas?

    Thanks in advance,
    Brad Hatchett<br />

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    Ask Norm. Actually, the New Yankee Workshop website does show his layout, may give you some ideas.


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      Do you have Visio by any chance. I layed mine out with Visio and it worked great. I built templates for all of the tools that I have in my shop that are pretty close to scale. If you are interested I can send the templates to you

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        Visio is a great tool! I think I'll use it to layout my shop too.

        Any chance I can get a copy of your templates?




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          the website used to have a freee software page that have a software program called "the easy shop: shop designer" made by "information archeticts" in indinanoplis,in. it allowed you to layout your shop to scale right on your computer screen and see how things would fit. it is agreat file to have to kill time at work if nothing else. i still have the install file if you can't find the file on th website. i would be happy to email it to you.
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            I agree Easy Shop is a good start
            I e-mailed to you



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              Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, and was scanning through some of the threads, and this one caught my eye. If any of you have the easy shop program, I'd really like to check it out. I looked in all the usual places for a download, but can't find a reference to it anywhere.

              If you wouldn't mind emailing it to me I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks a lot. [img]smile.gif[/img]