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Bandsaw Blade - 3/4"

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  • Bandsaw Blade - 3/4"

    My wonderful Dad bought me a BS14001 bandsaw for Christmas!!! Yeah, now where can I find a 3/4" blade for it? I have tried a couple of local Home Depots, forget it. I tried Sears, and a few online sites, but nothing. It says it allows for a 3/4" blade, so where do I buy one??? I think I saw a 93" one, but don't think this would be okay to use, since the specs say 93 1/2". Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum...

    I would suggest looking in the phonebook for tool houses or saw shops for a blade... I can't get blades for my 18" Jet bandsaw already made up either in my town. I must call my local saw shop and have them made... They will likely carry a variety of different blades with various tooth configurations and pitches to accommodate your needs... Just tell them what you want to do with it and they will give you advice... You can also order them online from: or

    Hope this helps…
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      Nice Dad!!

      First, can't remember if that saw has an optional riser block, but you may want to think over your needs as to whether you might buy one---(which would increase your cutting capacity). I'd think that part over before buying a bunch of blades, since that will change the length of blade.

      Second, for average 3/4" blades, you have to exert a lot of tension to get them to stay rigid---sometimes (according to a book I'm reading) some saws can't exert enough spring tension to handle the largest width blades.

      Finally, I'd suggest a Timberwolf blade. They are a special metal combination which doesn't require high tension. Also, all the forums/recommendations I've read, they are rated tops. Go to the following site to check them out.


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        I just got a new bandsaw myself and have done a little research. I have heard that timberwolf makes some of the best blades for the money. You can visit them at or call them if they don't have your size listed. I understand they can make any size for you and are extremely helpful in picking the right blade for your task.

        I am not an experienced bandsaw user, by any stretch, but I have read that 3/4" blades are too big for even the best 14" bandsaws. From what I understand, the wheel diameters are too small to handle them, regardless of what the manufacturers claim. I plan on trying a 1/2" blade for resawing. Timberwolf may be able to help you with this as well if you call.

        I got a great book for Christmas called "Mastering Woodworking Machines" that has a great section on bandsaws if you're interested.

        Edit: It looks like that Daveferg is a pretty smart guy

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          Doofus -

          Although I don't have the Ridgid, I have the Griz 14" BS. I use TimberWolf (Suffolk) blades and am very happy with them. However, I found that, as good as they are, I have had better luck resawing with a ½" 3 or 4 TPI blade than a 3/4" blade. I think it is the nature of the beast, the 14' saws just can't handle the tension required for a 3/4" blade (even TimberWolf). Like I said, it works but not as well as the ½" blade.



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            Well, from my research and the postings here, I'd say 1/2" is the right choice. Just sent away for Timberwolf Catalog. I did notice that there is a riser available to increase the cutting capacity for the Ridgid Bandsaw. I don't have a need currently for that much height. Right now am planning on making a small "stickly" type occasional round table. So, I am going to use bandsaw for the table top, and see how it works for making tenons. It worked great on the small circles I made for top and bottom of hourglass I made for wife.

            Thanks guys.