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VS router for dovetail jig?

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  • VS router for dovetail jig?

    I was looking at getting a Porter-Cable 690LR router as a dedicated, handheld router for a PC 4212 Dovetail jig I wanted to buy this weekend.

    I read one opinion...somewhere... from someone who was emphatic that you needed variable speed for dovetails. I had thought that variable speed really only entered into the equation when using bigger bits....

    Anyone else have thoughts on how important VS is to dovetail cutting?

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    Re: VS router for dovetail jig?

    I used my VS plunge router for my dovetails. It was my workhorse router. I suppose you could use any router as long as it has enough power. And make sure you have a sharp bit! It makes all the difference in the world. Red


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      Re: VS router for dovetail jig?

      Of course you need VS, just look at all the poor quality dovetails that were cut with a router before we had VS.

      Not even being anywhere near an expert where dovetails are concerned, I can't see where a VS router would be a must have to cut dovetails.
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