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  • yet another vibration

    I just bought my TS2424 this weekend and spent Saturday assembling it. All seemed well. The blade looked to be aligned perfectly out of the box and the fence was a snap to set up.

    Yesterday i bought a Zero Clearance Insert and installed it when I got home. When Installed, I can hear the blade "scraping" the sides of the insert on what seems like every revolution. When I watch the blade spin down after i power off, I can see a bit of a wobble. I also began to notice that the motor bounces a little on power down and that it vibrates a bit during operation. (With or without the zero-clearance insert)

    I adjusted the pully and it seems to be parallel now, but the problems I described above still exist. Could it be a bad blade, or is it my heel adjust ment. I don't want to mess with the heel if thats not the problem ...

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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    I fixed the problem. Stopped by HD and picked up a Freud 40 Tooth Bulk Blade. $29.95. No more vibration and cuts like butter!

    Can't wait till I get that Forrest WWII! Just waiting until I get a little more experience.