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wook bench dog hole spacing

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  • wook bench dog hole spacing

    Is there a correct or proper way to place dog holes in a new shop table?
    My table is 46"X 90" . It has a 17" quick release vise on the end,and 9"
    quick release vise on the side.

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    Re: wook bench dog hole spacing

    I too am in the process of putting my workbench together, I came to the conclusion the hole spacing is dictated by the type of work you plan on doing. In my case the holes on my bench are 6" on center.


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      Re: wook bench dog hole spacing

      I would think the travel of your vise which you intent to use with the
      dog holes will enter into the equation. If your vise has 6" of travel
      then holes spaced 8" apart will not work.

      I think the max spacing should be slightly less than the vise travel,
      and preferably an inch less or maybe slightly more, say 6" spacing
      for a vise with 8" of travel.
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