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EB4424 Sander Problem

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  • EB4424 Sander Problem

    I installed the sanding belt asm on my new (reconditioned) sander. When I turned it on, the sanding belt rides up on the rollers. What should I do to correct that problem?

    Also, now that I have attached the sanding belt, I can't get it off. The spindle knob won't turn clockwise (or counter-clockwise either). I have not tried to force it using pliers, for instance. Any idea of what I should do for this problem?

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    Re: EB4424 Sander Problem

    I discovered how to keep the belt from climbing up the spindles but I still cannot loosen the spindle knob and I don't know how it got so tight. Any ideas would be welcome.



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      Re: EB4424 Sander Problem

      Have you reviewed the owner's manual?
      It sounds like the spindle knob has been OVERTIGHTENED!

      Keep in mind this tool uses METRIC sized hardware.

      If you hold the sanding belt by hand to keep it from rotating you may
      be able to loosen the spindle knob.
      Knob turns counterclockwise to tighten
      Knob turns clockwise to loosen

      If the spindle knob is so tight that you still can't loosen it..
      Disconnect the tool from power and turn it upside down.
      remove the bottom plate

      you may gain access to the motor shaft. In an area that if
      damaged by a pliers won't make a difference, hold the shaft and
      then try to loosen the spindle knob.

      It also sounds as if you initially cross threaded the spindle knob.
      If this is indeed the cause of your problem it's time to visit a service center.

      I will warn you though it may be cheaper to buy new VS trying to service a used and possibly damaged unit before you became the owner!

      Cactus Man


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        Re: EB4424 Sander Problem

        Don't forget the knob turns backwards! This fact has driven me to numerous trials when trying to remove the belt/spindles.

        I hope you can fix it. It's a great tool when it works.
        I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.