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  • MSUV Sale

    Just left the local HD and they didn't have any of these left. Then they tell me that none of the HD's as far away as Ohio (I'm in mid-Michigan) have any either. So I ask if I can pay for one now at the sales price and pick it up when they come in. They tell me no, as they are not even sure if they will get any more until April.

    This really sucks. I've read other posts on here and other forums where HD's didn't have any left, but people were allowed to pay now. What's going on? I assume there is nothing I can do, but does anyone have any suggestions? The way they treated me really makes me want to pack up my 3650 and every other tool I've bought there in the last 90 days and shove them back down their throats. It's no wonder that the local Lowes always has 3 times as many cars in the parking lot on any given day.

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    Suggest you check the sales flyer. It's available on-line here: http://homedepot98home.crossmediaser...&pagenumber=22

    I don't see any disclaimers on the ad about "limited to qty on hand." If I'm correct, then I suggest you call the store mgr and tell him you want a rain check -- pronto! I think it is against the law to not honor the price unless the ad limits the offer.

    -- Sam


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      See my response at the other place you posted this same question.
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        I have one of these and it is great.
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