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    I was thinkig about buying one was at Lowes and seen a Dewalt for $249.00 a Porter cable for $199.00 and a freud for $99.00 the difference with the freud it didn't have a angel fence on it. Does one need a tool like this? or can you get by with out one. BTY theshop is coming along slowly here is a flick
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    Hey there.. I have the freud without the adjustable angle fence. It does give you the option of flipping the fence around and having 45 degree cuts as well as the straight cuts. In the 2 years i have been using it, it has suited me just fine from joining boards to making picture frames mostly.. For the extra $150 dollars, in my mind it is not worth it. I havent yet come across a need for angles other than the flat or 45 degree cuts.


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      If the DeWalt is listed at $249 and the PC is $199, go shopping elsewhere. The Dewalt normally goes for about $159 and the PC about $179-$189. I consider the PC to be the best and won't consider the DeWalt because of lack of features for the $$, but for the price the Freud is a good deal. Think about projects that you'll be making. Will you be doing any dresser bottoms or picture frames? Any joint that comes in at a miter could use a jointer with angled fence.

      All that said, when I went shopping, I bought the PC. The things I liked were the fence, two blades, the sandpaper on the fence and the fact that the handle is on the fence so you get more control. The dust/chip collection has also been top notch.


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        Hey Thanks for the answers it is great to know information before I buy something I do not need. The Dewalt was priced from a company called Marco Supply they Quote Unquote say " We specialize in the lowest cost on dewalt tools" Yeah Right.........
        The PC looks pretty good as I have a PC Orbital sander the one that you can adjust the speed. The Freud has a case, blade and a few more perks in it and for $99.00 I thought it was a good deal. Thanks again for all your help
        Sorry about the big picture I sent
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          [Does one need a tool like this? or can you get by with out one. ]

          You can easily get by without one. A biscuit jointer is not the "best" tool for many joints. However, I often use it anyway because it is so quick and because you can align it accurately with very little setup. The joints are strong enough for nearly all applications even if they aren't the strongest option. It has become one of my favorite tool purchases. I probably use it more than any of my other tools except a sander. For a weekend hacker, I would say it is not a necessity but a luxury. However, it is the first luxury I would want because it saves so much time (hours!).

          The prices you listed are VERY HIGH! I got my Dewalt for around $160 at HD without shopping around. The PC was a little more than I could spend. The Dewalt is a great tool. I set the fence to angles other than 45 from time to time. This is why I wouldn't get the Freud because you only need the feature once to wish you had it. I like the Dewalt very much and would definitely recommend it.

          The PC is also nice. The extra sizes of biscuits would be nice but you do have to change the blade back and forth to use them and I don't know how much of a pain that is. I use dowels for smaller applications when I which I had the smaller size biscuits. They work fine. Either choice is good and you will be happy with your purchase. For me personally, the Dewalt has the minimum features I would look for.


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            I've got the PC, and it's a geat tool! Changing the blade is a minor pain, but having the small face-frame slots is real nice and so worth the time.
            Edge jointing boards has never been this easy, if setup is done carefully alignment is perfect, and after clamping there is no drifting of the boards.
            I've started using biscuits liberally wherever I need alignments, as they are invisible. Just make sure you don't intend to cut where you've placed a biscuit.
            Now that I have one, I often wonder how I would do some of my glue-ups otherwise.


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              I bought the Freud JS102.

              1. I (and your use may be different) use it 95% of the time for flat 90° slots. You don't need a fancy fence for those.

              2. I have never found a need for FF biscuits and if I did I'm not sure I would want to futch around changing the blades back and forth. Besides, I can buy the little (used to be Ryobi) Craftsman and have a dedicated mini-biscuit joiner.

              3. Some say that the DeWalt and the PC will do 135°, implying that the Freud won't. You don't use a biscuit in just one side of a joint, if I need to biscuit a mitered corner, I can place the two mitered pieces face to face, with both long sides in the center coming to a point. I then have a 90° reference angle with which to place a slot in each matching miter face.

              4. I bought mine for $110 on sale ($125 regular). If I ever buy the Craftsman mini joiner, I will have spent less than the cost of the PC and just a tad more than the cost of the DeWalt (and have a dedicated mini joiner).

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