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Finally have 3612 running...

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  • Finally have 3612 running...

    I took great care in setting up my saw. And finally I was able to make some saw dust! Cuts very smoothly. Very impressed.

    How do you guys feel about the blade that comes with the saw? It seems to give quality cuts now, but not sure how long it will do that. Any comments?


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    I purchased a Forrest Woodworker II blade and I'm still amazed at how smooth it cuts.



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      I guess it'll cut like that until it needs resharpening! Had mine resharpened. Suprised that it cut better than when new, and only cost $7, even here, where the streets are paved with gold.

      It's a pretty good quality stock blade, but I'm sure in time, depending on the type of work you're doing, you'll end up supplimenting it with dedicated rip and crosscut blades from Freud, Tenru, Systematic or other high quality manufacturer.


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        I was not real impressed with the stock blade that came with my saw. I upgraded almost immediately and the difference was significant. Anyone know who makes these blades and what model they are in the retail market? How about the tips, are they C2 or C3 carbide?
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          Never was impressed with stock blades much until I bought my DeWalt CMS---true believer in DeWalt blades.

          As you get some bucks, as basic recommendations----good rip blade---good plywood/laminent blade---and good combo blade----in that order, at least from my work. I've heard wonderful things about Forrest, but don't shoot your entire budget on one, since there are equally good mfgs.----upper end DeWalts, Freuds are very good---not the stuff they carry at HD---check out ww'ing stores/catalogs.


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            There are no woodworking stores close by me. And only one I know of in 1.5 hour driving time. I can not see paying a price for a blade as of which they ask, so I do purchase the lower end blades at HD. Some of the least expensive blades are thicker and heavier. In some cases, this added weight can work to your advantage.

            I have a small collection of blades, and I can only say that the lower end red blades are sharpened by the same machine the sharpens the higher end blades, and to the same specs. The difference is in the grade of carbide they put on the blanks. That is the true difference of the cost difference.

            For myself, I wanted a veriety of blades, and for cutting several grades of wood. I did not want to use and expensive blade to rip 2x4's. But didn't want to use a combo blade to make cross cuts on finer woods. So I chose several of the less expensive blades. They do a great job if you choose the right blade.

            I did read either from a email ezine or in a ww mag some time ago, the big yellow was in the process of producing blades equally to the higher end red blades. I have a couple of sets of the lower end yellows now for the MS and RAS, and they produce great results. I even used one to cut the 2nd set of rails I added to my TS and it still is being used on the MS to make cross cuts. After the aluminum ware off the teeth, I don't think it dulled it a bit.
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