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    Due to health reasons (Asthma) scale down my woodworking hobby. After I sell most of my stationary woodworking tools, I would like to pick up portable table saw for home projects and hopefully some occasional basic projects: bookshelves, computer desk, etc.

    Anyway, I am wondering about the "cut" quality of the TS2400. Is it precise enough to build some quality projects (like those I listed)? I know one of the big advantages of going to a contractor saw is that it is belt driven.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Mark, I have used mine for almost a year. I bought it for just the projects you mentioned. I had moved from my home of 24 years (with a work shop!) to a townhouse with only a two car garage so the space issue was a big one for me. Also, I wanted a saw I could take to my summer place in Maine and continue to do the work that I like. This saw folds up nicely and packs into the back of my Volvo wagon for a great trip north.

    So far, I am very happy with the saw. Keep in mind what it is and don't expect it to be a cabinet saw and you will do fine. I use a thin kerf blade for most projects and a regular kerf ripping blade for some of the heavier 2x cuts. I use a circular saw to reduce sheet goods so cabinet sides or shelves are easy to handle for final cuts and I have used a dado with success. All the while, I pay extra attention to setting up the cut to be sure the wood will stay flush to the top and tight to the fence and is supported for the out feed. I will be making a table for the front of the saw to give me some more room before the blade, but that is down the line. I like the fence - it is stable and easy to set and is accurate for repeat cuts. (Just check it each time you set up the saw.) The top of the saw leaves a little to be desired because it is not as flat as I would like, especially the stock insert. I made zero clearance inserts and made sure they are flush to the top and do not wobble while in place.

    The universal motor really screams so use hearing protectors. Also, saw dust spews from under the saw, even with a shop vac on the dust port - I use a box under the saw to help collect the dust, some sort of bag set up would be better. About the only thing I don't like is the position of the on/off switch, so I now use a remote switch that truns on the shop vac and the saw at the same time. I can position that switch close enough to the saw to feel comfortable with reaching it in case I need a quick shut off.

    This is not a cheap saw, and it took a big leap of faith for me to by a Rigid product. But am happy with the purchase. Hope this helps.


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      I started wood working about 4 years ago. I baught a cheap Skil table saw. It lasted about 8 months before I toasted it. Went out looking and baught my TS2400. I build everything from Small boxes to full bedroom suites. I love my 2400. has never given me any kind of problem no matter what I through at it. This saw is the reason I baught my Ridgid Planer and Bandsaw and again, no problems with either of them.
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        Thanks for the info! Exactly what I was hoping to hear. I could just keep my TS2424, but I can't tote it back and forth from the basement and I'm afraid that I will be constantly battling rust if I store it in the garage. I live in Massachusetts and my garage is not climate controlled. Haven't made the final decision yet, but I have looked around and the Ridgid looks like one of the best in its class. Especially the fence.


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          I just bought a TS2400 and used it for the first time today...very impressive. I agree with you...the fence shines when compared with the others. Don't think you can go wrong with this one.
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            Originally posted by Marker:
            ...I could just keep my TS2424, but I can't tote it back and forth from the basement and I'm afraid that I will be constantly battling rust if I store it in the garage. I live in Massachusetts and my garage is not climate controlled...
            Hi Mark - The TS2400 is a good jobsite saw, but the only advantage it will have over the 2424 is portability. You'll be giving up alot of mass, some power, table surface, longevity, and gaining a louder motor. The trunnion system of the 2424 is alot more rigid than the systems on jobsite saws.

            As far as rust goes, your TS2424 will be alright if you take a few precautions and a bit of maintenance to the surface periodically. I live in WNY and my cast iron saw is in an unheated/uncooled garage. It's not hard to control the rust. A couple of coats of paste wax once or twice a year helps alot. Topcote or Boeshield T-9 rust preventer helps even more.