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    I thought it would be a good time to address some of the questions that have been raised since my May 30th post.
    First of all, parts and accessories will continue to be available. RIDGID is not going to leave our loyal customers "holding the bag" without access to repair parts. However, as I've already stated, the distribution of parts will be handled by people who are considered to be "experts" in the service parts industry. Please keep in mind, an initiative as complex and far reaching as this, despite or best efforts, is bound to have a few "hiccups". We are working hard to prevent them and address them as they become known. We are dedicated to complete this change as smoothly as possible.
    Secondly, regarding the table saw line. I can tell you right now there will be new models in the future. As new technology becomes available and new concepts, improvements and enhancements are developed new RIDGID models will be introduced. This holds true not only for our table saw line, but for all of our products as well. I'm not at liberty to reveal the stuff on the drawing board. That's a pretty closely guarded secret. But I can tell you that there are lots of exciting new things coming in our Woodworking Tool line that you'll be hearing more about shortly.
    On a final note, you should know that it took eighty years to develop the RIDGID brand name and its stellar reputation. It is a valued Emerson asset and we fully intend to protect it and its promise to the customer. While it's true that it has become necessary for us to make changes to our business model we will in no way betray our loyal customers - past or future. Thanks!


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      But I can tell you that there are lots of exciting new things coming in our Woodworking Tool line that you'll be hearing more about shortly.
      Mr. Deuker -

      Thanks for addressing some concerns. Would sure like to know if the above statement means that we are going to see stationary WW power tools bearing the Ridgid name in the furure. Sounds like it, but I guess only time will tell. If so, the concern many have is whom they would be made by, and of course, quality and support, and warranty service.


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        Bob, thank you for addressing some of our concerns. I guess at this point, the future is in Ridgid's hands.

        I (and probably most other forum members) hope that everything that you are telling us is true. Remember, many of us have been Ridgid's most loyal supporters. If it is true, I will probably purchase more Ridgid tools in the future. Right now, any purchases are on hold until I see what happens.

        I hope you also understand our concerns. I have a few thousand tied up in Ridgid WW tools. Others have even more. As our appointed "ambassador", you are the only one who we have to address with our concerns.

        Just a little something to think about. In these times, with companies like Enron, Worldcom, the scandelous behavior by execs at American Airlines, etc. I and many others have become more sceptical of companies ethics. It is apparent that some decisions have been made. It would have been better to let us know a little of what was going on rather than have us "stumble" across the information and suspect that Ridgid was pulling some "shady" manuevers behind our back. It may help win some customer loyalty back if you post any news you have on this subject as soon as you are able.


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          Thanks for the reassurances. Your candor is truly appreciated, especially in this highly charged emotional environment. I too have a fair investment in Ridgid WW tools. I bought Ridgid over Jet because of the high quality and reasonable price-point. I am relieved to hear that Emerson will retain sufficient control to assure the future of this excellent line of tools - regardless of the name of the actual manufacturer. I hate to see American jobs go overseas, but am delighted to see Hondas made in Marysville, Oh. It is a world market, alas. Instead of ignoring this hotbed of uncertainty, you have bravely jumped in to try to settle the waters. Thanks.

          Mike Narges

          P.S.: My recent contact with Ridgid service was very positive!


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            Bob thanks for the post. Seems this one was written more from the individual than the corporation and we all appreciate that. I am sure you can understand our concerns given the sneak attack we've been subjected to. I realize we're not exactly board members, but we are investors and we take our tools seriously.

            We would love to know (when you can reveal it), who exactly will be making each and every tool in the line up and who decides the standards to which they will be made. We would also like to know if the rumor about the warranty being shortened to 3 years is true.

            Like it has been said, disclosure is very important to most of us as to whether or not we stay with the brand.
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              Thanks Ridgid for making some wonderful woodworking tools. But since you wont be making them any more I wont buy any more. I read the posts and what Emerson will do or hopes to do. But I really feel that quality will suffer in the long run. Ridgid woodworking tools may still be out there is a year or two but they will be Ridgid in name alone. As it said the best laid plans of mice and men oftime go astray. I maybe along in my think about this, but I dont think Ridgid Tools will have the same following it has now. Who knows maybe the companys that takes over will build the same high quility tools, I not will in take that gamble. Just my 2 cents worth.
              Dan<br /> <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                as frustrated as i am with all of the unknowns with regard to their future, i am fairly certain of one thing. whomever is making Ridgid woodworking tools in the future will be making them to strict ridgid standards. they will be made to the same quality requirements that emerson had made them to to this day.

                in fact if you break it down, the only thing emerson really made were the motors, the other parts were subcontracted

                take for example, black and decker. they make tools with their own name on them, dewalt, and craftsman. although all made by the same company, different lines are made to different standards. i dont think we will have anything to worry about when it comes to future ridgid production quality, unless ridgid changes their standard of quality.

                as far as the lifetime warranty goes, it is a selling point. at least as far as showing the company believes in the quality of their product. most other mfgrs run a 90 to 180 day warranty. even if the warranty is only used in the first two years, they are offering more than the competition.

                i noticed ryobi has been brought up a lot. as far as i know and correct me if i am wrong, to date, they do not make stationary woodworking tools?

                my money is on delta. ridgid will likely switch over to delta or the company/companies that make tools for delta.

                the only problem i see with that is that ridgid will no longer be able to claim made in the usa (which even before this fiasco, not all of their tools were made here). i emailed because i noticed that the motor for my jointer was made in taiwan....never got a reply.

                even if ridgid's woodworking tools die off, i will bet this forum hangs out. too many people here who enjoy exchanging ideas/experiences for it to die. and i will bet that there are a lot of people here that do not own one ridgid tool


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                  guys, he isn't here to help, he is only here to pass on a statement someone said he is allowed to pass on. I don't honestly think he is even looking at what questions are being asked. from what I read in that statement he only revealed that Ridgid is going to have a hand in the design process of some of the immediate tools.

                  Lets see if Bob even reads a thread he started. Please say hi Bob.


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                    as far as i know and correct me if i am wrong, to date, they do not make stationary woodworking tools

                    Ryobi makes stationary tools for Sears' Craftsman line, Space.

                    Delta doesn't OEM any equipment, and I doubt they would. I'm sure some of the Chinese manufacturers they use would sell to other companies, though.

                    As only a couple people have brought up, most of the tools in the RIDGID woodworking line were not actually built by Emerson Tool, ever.



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                      Creature has the right of it, though.

                      Guys, it's tough to see everyone "thanking" the infobot for its "responses". There may or may not be a real bdueker, but it is not reading our questions or not able to respond to them. It is talking about the last 80 years and how the company plans to protect its name.

                      It is not talking about how it plans to protect our investments, or whether the existing product gets the warranty it still shows in Home Depot, or even whether it plans to support its previous warranty.

                      It is not even addressing why its exclusive distributor has no clue what's going on, or when it will. Sadly, there is no indication that corporate HD (who is surely well aware of the situation) is addressing this at the company or employee level.

                      For those of you who wonder from where, and if, your parts will come, bummer. You know they are going to cost more. The quality may, or may not, suffer (I am frankly open to the subject of offshore quality- as Arbuckle rightly points out, most of your "quality" tools have offshore origins, too).

                      Your "lifetime warranty" may, or may not, apply (the "statement" continues to avoid this issue).

                      For those of us who had hearts set on the existing product and the bucks and space set aside to accomodate them, there is only bitter gall and wormwood. New designs! Just what I want to hear, right now. You can bet I'll be standing in line to get the next Ridgid Tool of the Month shipping container buy, only to read of its subsequent demise and hand-off to an exclusive independent parts supplier.

                      Wonder what the plumbing and HVAC guys are thinking, right now. This sounds like the Big Lots of woodworking shaping up....

                      "While I gazed, this fissure rapidly widened --there came a fierce breath of the whirlwind --the entire orb of the satellite burst at once upon my sight --my brain reeled as I saw the mighty walls rushing asunder --there was a long tumultuous shouting sound like the voice of a thousand waters --and the deep and dank tarn at my feet closed sullenly and silently over the fragments of the 'HOUSE OF USHER.'"
                      A bit of drama to lighten, or at least color, the mood....


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                        well, lets give him a few days, I made my request on a friday, lets assume he doesn't work the forums on the weekend.

                        I get the feeling bduker does not have a great interest in these forums. If you look through the plumbing sections the questions go unanswered.

                        I also get the feeling he has a job or career at ridgid but no passion or hobby in woodworking. At which point makes him an inappropriate choice to moderate these forums. I hope I'm wrong, but lets wait and see if there is any reaction.


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                          Creature and Mark IV, I agree with both of you. I don't think Bob is really being responsive to our questions. I was just trying to thank him for saying something. Jake was a much better moderator, but then again he must have known something was going down and he couldn't say anything either.

                          At this point I feel that more complaining is not going to do much except maybe cause them to pull the plug on this forum. They know our fellings/concerns and have chosen to ignore them. I'm just going to hang out and see what happens. If I get the chance to purchase anymore tools in the near future, they will be Delta, Jet, or maybe even Grizzly. If Ridgid proves themselves worthy again in the future MAYBE (a big maybe) I will purchase their tools again.


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                            Just kinda wondering if there were any developments... is a few days up yet?

                            3612 mark-down sightings?
                            HD updates?
                            Actual Ridgid WW news?

                            >Bump, bump< Is this thing on?


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                              local hd here has ALL Ridgid WW tools on the floor now. Still discounted 15%. Have never SEEN a 3612 in a store yet. sheesh.


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                                The HD on the strip here in Tulsa has all Ridgid Tools on display and mostly in ok shape (not perfect and abused by lookers) but no discount as of last Tuesday.
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