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  • file handles

    this is probably a really stupid question but why are wood/metal files sold without handles?

    this has always sort of puzzled me.


    i end up making my own out of the backs of old dining set chair backs and legs.

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    Re: file handles

    Me too!
    Can't wait for a reasonable explanation.
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      Re: file handles

      Just a thought, and I do not know the real answer,
      but possibly when the country was mostly Agriculture orientated, one would just grab a corn cob and use as a handle, that is what my dad always used. and thus may it was to save or to cut the cost of the tool.

      another possibility is there are what is called a filing machine that works some what like a jig saw in up side down in holder with a table, and thus a handle would not work in the machine,
      another type,
      still another one

      and many tools at one time were filed not ground to sharpen, and you would put a file in a holder and it would index and file the next tooth,
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        Re: file handles

        that's pretty cool.