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    This may or may not be the right place to post this, but I'm going to any way. A lot of bad things have been said about the service that is given at Home depot, but this time Something positive MUST be told.

    I live in the Boston area, and as you know, we just got wolloped with over 2 feet of snow. We had plenty of warning to get ready, so I went down to the depot to pick up another shovel. Well to make a long story short, I wound up buying a snow blower, 25%off. Imagine, someone like me that loves power tools not having one to begin with. Any way, They took the time to go over every square inch of this awsome machine. They made sure that I was completly comfortable using it befor THEY would load it on my truck. I should say my wifes truck. My pick up wouldn't start so I had to take loml Durango. It wouldn't fit. 10" too short.

    Here comes the good part. I told the guy that I would rent one of their trucks and a set of ramps to get this beast home. He told me to stay put and he went and got his truck. His own personal truck. Not the stores, his. We loaded it in the back, threw in a set of ramps, and he followed me to my house.

    That was way above the call of duty. I could not thank this man enough. He is what every store employee should strive to be.

    That is my story. I could not have been happier with the service that I received and I had to tell it to you guys. It changed my way of thinking about this store, at least for now.


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    Let Mgmt. at any level know this person's name. Great story!


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      I'm as guilty as the next guy of bashing HD every now and again but stories like this one are nice to hear. I'll be willing to bet that this sort of thing or something similiar happens much more often then most of us think it does. Like threefingers said, let management know that this guy made you a very happy customer that day, he deserves the recognition.

      Was your new snowthrower up to the task of getting rid of all that snow?
      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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        I got the Ariens 11.5 hp. I did a 12 car drive way in 45 minutes. When I was done the machine turned and asked for more.



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          I tried for several years to avoid the big HD at all costs. I went to Lowe's for anything that my local ACE did not have or marked up into oblivion.

          I had to go to HD when I was shopping for my band saw, eventually got the Ridgid, and was very impressed with the store. I think the primary reason is for the store layout and have recently been very pleased with the personnel in the store.

          If any of you out there are going through Atlanta, check out the HD on Paces Ferry Rd, just off of I-285. It is the best laid out store I have seen. I don't know if it is because of it's location being across the street from the store support headquarters, but suspect it might be.

          I still go to my ACE for little stuff but am also now very happy with HD. I just wish they would carry S2S hardwoods and sell it by the bd.foot.


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            Just a couple miles down I-285 at exit 15 is AWPC
            ( Atlanta wood products 404-792-0910 ) sells hardwood at a reasonable price that is S2S