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TS2424-Factory Reconditioned for $399.99 (Good Deal)

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  • TS2424-Factory Reconditioned for $399.99 (Good Deal)

    HI Guys,

    I just got back from my local HD and they have a TS2424 in the box that is marked "Factory Refurbished and marked down to $399.99

    Question: What does "Factory Refurbished" mean and would I be better off buying a new TS3612? IO went there to buy the TS 3612 and then I saw the TS2424 marked down.



    -Peter W. Lent<BR>PMi Solutions<BR>

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    Factory refurbished simply means that at the factory, any broken or worn parts were replaced and paint may have been refinished and so on. In short, the factory made the saw "like new" and that is a good deal.

    However, if money were not an object, I would still go with the TS3612. I would have preferred that saw when I bought my TS2412, but money was an issue and my budget didn't allow it.

    I do like the saw that I have though and I have been slowly adding the things that are good about the 3612. Accessory hooks for storing the miter guage and fence, dust collector kit(not part of the 3612 package but still...), and a 40 tooth multi-purpose blade so far.

    My next inquiry is about the zero clearence inserts that come with the 3612 and carry a part number of ac1035. I would like to order a few of these if and when they ever show up on I am also saving for the herculift as well. I didn't think that I would need it since I planned on the saw being sationary, but I am finding that sometimes I do have to move it around and it's pretty heavy. Someday I may also buy the 36/12 fence kit or a beis. Depending on how much money I have to spend. If the Ridgid kits are anything like the fence system that comes with the 3612, I may just go that route. I do like the t-slots as it makes mounting accessory fences and other things such a breeze.

    I have also bought a dial indicator for a dead on nuts(or as close as I can get to it) alignment, and added a couple of the flip top stands(boy these things are pretty handy).


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      Just from my observation, I think factory refurbished means whatever HD wants it to mean. I saw a "factory refurbished" Rigid oscilating sander (which I've been looking for), for $180. However, there were no inserts or spindles included. Well, suddenly, that savings didn't look too good, if I had to buy all the accessories.


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        Ok, I had to do it. I just got finished installing the hercu-lift on my TS2412. No sooner did I say that I was saving up for it, I found myself needing to be able to move it out of the way when not in use. I just lost an 8x8 area of my basement to the home gym. I love it. It was easy to install and it works great.


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          Factory Reconditioned means it has been sent to one of our factory authorized service centers to be repaired. All units are to leave those service centers complete and in good working order. If it is a factory recon. it should have a brown box, or have the words Factory Recondition stamped all over it.