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  • Great Baluster Spacing Calculator

    Hi, I have been a carpenter/contractor for the past 30 years and like many people in these forums, I am always looking for new, faster and better ways to complete my jobs. I have installed hundreds of handrail systems over the years and calculating baluster spacing can become a cumbersome chore. My solution to this task was to write an application for the iPhone/iPod touch to perform these calculations quickly, easily and precisely. With my app, you simply enter the distance between the newel posts and the width of one baluster. Then using the unique properties of the touch screen on the iPhone, you drag a slider to count the balusters, and as you do, the baluster spacing is simultaneously calculated and you just stop when you reach your desired spacing. Then just tap a button and you are presented with a list of all the centers and edges of your balusters. No need to keep pressing the "=" button as you would on your traditional calculator. This is like no other calculator you have ever used! I have been using it on the job for a couple months now and it really is a time saver, so I thought I'd pass along what I think is a great little tool!. To check it out you can go to iTunes and search for BalusterPro or see a video demo on my website at Happy railing!

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    Re: Great Baluster Spacing Calculator

    Boy, there's not much you can't do with an iphone. They have apps for just about anything you can imagine. ......Oh yeah...You can make and receive calls on it too! I've always made up a story pole to use when building deck and stair rails to conform with code requirements but this app eliminates one step, is faster and easier to use.