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Spreader support for a TS3650

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  • Spreader support for a TS3650

    Does anyone know where I can get a spread support for a TS3650 at a decent price? The part that screws into the back of the blade housing and tilts with the blade. If you have one, give me a shout.

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Spreader support for a TS3650

    To be clear on what you are referring to, are you talking about this piece?

    Item #55 from page 18 of the parts book?
    This is p/n TH100019 "GUARD, SUPPORT" on page 19

    Go to the TS-3650 Assembly Tips thread and in the first post look for the link to the part list.
    TS-3650 Parts:
    Here is a link to the parts sheet/assembly diagram in PDF format;

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      Re: Spreader support for a TS3650

      Hey Bob,

      The part I am interested in is part 65 (SPREADER SUPPORT) on the page you mentioned, and possibly part 12 (RIVING KNIFE ASSEMBLY) on page 8.

      I am making a modified blade cover, and those extra part would be helpful.

      Thanks for your interest!