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RS4511 Excessive vibration

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  • RS4511 Excessive vibration

    I just purchased the new RS4511 on 4/8/09 and it is experiencing excessive vibration when the unit powers down along with a clicking sound. I did some troubleshooting...changing the blade out to see if it was out of balance, checked the arbor runout they were not the problem. I did notice that the clicking sound stops when I took the belt off an ran the motor alone.
    The vibration does not affect the cutting accuarcy..but I fear it will in the future.
    The arbor pully looks a like it has some run out. Could that be the problem?
    If so, what are my next steps...Return the whole saw to Home Depot? Have them replace the pulley?

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    Re: RS4511 Excessive vibration

    I am not familiar with the RS4511; however, the vibration problem you are describing is often common when the motor side pulley is either. A: not alligned properly and or B: the pulley set screw is not tight. If you haven't already you may want to check both.

    good luck



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      Re: RS4511 Excessive vibration

      ob4511, have you opened the side door and observed the motor when you shut off the saw? Does it vibrate when you have the blade tilted to 45 degrees and shut it off? My saw shudders slightly when it winds down but not enough to cause alarm. Actually most saws Iv'e ever used tend to have some sort of shudder when winding down to a stop! Might be pulley alignment is off or a loose pulley. Check where the motor hangs off the saw for excessive play.