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oscillating spindle sander

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  • oscillating spindle sander

    I just recently purchased the spindle sander and have found that there is a vibration in the belt sander attachment. Once I turned on the power the belt sander vibrates considerably and this concerns me. If this vibration is present just out of the box what is it going to be like in the future. Does anyone else have this vibration or does anyone have an idea on how to solve it.

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    Double check the installation of the belt mechanism make sure the guide pin on the non drive end is seated properly. If you miss the secure slot it fits in you will get a vibration.
    I kope this makes sense. I've used my os for 6 months and could not be more happy with the unit.


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      My Ridgid spindle sander is one of the smoothest running picies of shop eq I have. I am usually a Delta fan, but I think they missed the boat on their OSS. My only disapointment with the Ridgid is that the local HD does not carry replacement sanding sleeves, and that certainly is not Ridgid's fault.