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I need dust collection...

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    Re: I need dust collection...

    The evolution of my dust collection system has been somewhat steep and fast...

    Started with a Ridgid 12 gallon wet / dry vac.
    Added Ridgid HEPA filter, Shop Vac Sawdust Collection system (2.5" tubing, fittings, and blast gates), added Peachtree flex hose. Found BAD leakage problems, and jamming when using with the planer or jointer.
    Added Thien trash can cyclone. Not 100% happy with the air moved by the vacum, so....

    Picked up a current model Harbor Freight 2HP dust collector, added a Wynn canister filter, and Thien cyclone baffle. Currently plumbing 4" duct work through entire shop to Lee Valley self cleaning blast gates, to the devices.

    Keeping the 2.5" system to run overhead to the Shark Guard on the table saw, and a single drop to the workbench for sanding / biscuit joiner, and the pocket screw jig.

    Trash can cyclone is stacked below the vac, and is next to the DC. All told both of them combined occupy a space 2' x 5' with a cobbled together cabinet of sorts above for finishes and automotive chemicals.

    I do not agree with the poster with the 12x16 shop that says a full size 2HP DC is too big... The space my tools are in in the garage averages 10x12.... 12x16 would feel like the Taj Majal to me! Of course I have a benchtop jointer, instead of a floor model, but then again, I have a 14" band saw with riser block, and floor model DP... It's all in how your organize it. And I am LOUSY at organizing things...