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  • ts2410 tabletop help

    Tonight I was using my new TS2410ls table saw and for the first time I used the stock miter gauge to make some miter cuts. After about 4 passes on the left miter slot I noticed some scratches in the table top as a result of the miter guage sliding on the table. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this a problem with all aluminum table tops? Is there anything that I can do to prevent this? Overtime does moving boards across the top leaves marks as well? It apears to just be a scuff in the finish, does anyone out there that is familiar with this table saw know of a way to "buff" out scratches in this finish?

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    Re: ts2410 tabletop help

    The top is similar to a teflon skillet. If you cut wood on it, you will eventually wear through it.

    Mine shows quite a bit of wear after years of use. It doesn't seem to be a problem for me though.


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      Re: ts2410 tabletop help

      Is there a coating I can put on it to make it last longer without transferring on the wood-wax or something similar?
      Since it is a "teflon coating" I do not know how to take care of it. Maybe some PAM cooking spray

      I know tools are made to get used, but I still like them to look good for as long as I can.
      Does anything in either the 3-year warranty or the LSA cover this?
      My guess would be no, but I thought I would ask the experts.


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        Re: ts2410 tabletop help

        Probably would not hurt using some Awl-Grip clear.
        Then just wax the top of that.
        You can buff out light scratches, when needed.
        You don't have to spray Awl-Grip either, it can be self leveling with brushing it on.

        It is a 4 part epoxy based paint, that is used on aircraft, etc.. for this exact reason, it is highly resistant to chips and scratching.