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Ridgid vs. Bosch & Porter-Cable

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  • Ridgid vs. Bosch & Porter-Cable

    What makes the Ridgid TS2400 better than its competitors such as the Bosch 4000K and the Porter-Cable 3812?

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    Dear Stoic:
    I am not absolutley sure, because I have yet to purchase a tablesaw, but let me state what I have seen so far.
    1. The fit and finish of the product is as good or better than some I have seen.
    2. The lifetime warranty can not be improved on, unless you can get someone like Jake to move in with you.
    3. Ridgid goes out of their way in places like this forum to give us a place to state our opinion and they do promote their products, but they do not disparage anyone else's product.
    4. In most cases the Ridgid products are price competative, if not the winner.
    5. HD is everywhere (it seems) but I admit that in many stores they do not do a good job of diplay or promotion with product knowledge of Ridgid stuff.(That's both from my limited visits to HD and seeing comments on this forum.
    Hope this helps.

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      Just to let you know I'm not moving in with anybody

      I could write a couple pages on this, but the first thing I would do is turn all three saw over and look at the carriages.

      The TS2400 has a heavy carriage with true trunions that allow the blade to pivot at the surface of the table. The carriage lock also locks at the front and the rear trunion. Finally when you unlock the carriage lock it stays at the angle its set.

      The Bosch has a lighter carriage and just pivots on a pivot point below the table (no trunions). The carriage lock is at the front of the saw and only locks on a piece of sheet metal that’s bolted to the plastic housing. Also when you loosen the carriage lock the carriage swings free, making it harder to make fine adjustments.

      I am much less familiar with the PC saw. It is my gut feeling the fence on the TS 2400 is much heavier and easier to use. Also the base of the TS2400 is larger and looks like it would be less prone to cracking if dropped.

      There are many more factors I would be happy to go into if you'd like.