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  • Compressor PSI??

    I have a sears 2HP Compressor that my brother inlaw gave me [img]smile.gif[/img] I just got a reconditioned Brad nailer. it says the PSI is 70PSI minimum and 120PSI maximum. Do you guys know how to raise and lower the PSI on the compressor. It's got two gauges on it. It also has a knob that you can turn. If you turn the knob clockwise it seems to hold the pressure longer. If you turn it counter clockwise it lets the air out faster (I hope I'm explaining it properly). I thought that this was to regulate the pressure but even when I turn it to get less pressure it still goes back up to 150PSI on both gauges. The high is set at 150PSI and it kicks back on at arountd 110PSI. So how do I lower the pressure to 120PSI?
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    Sounds like the regulator is shot or installed backwards. Look the compressor over carefully to familiarize yourself with it. Basicallly there should be an air line coming out of the compressor storage tank that will connect in line or have a small tube that connects to the limit switch, it then should go to the regulator and then the final air output fitting. There should be two (2) gauges, one for tank pressure and one for regulated output pressure. The limit switch controls the pressure point at which the compressor turns on and off, generally 100psi on 125psi off is a good starting point depending upon the applications the compressor is used for. This PSI differential is adjustable inside of the cover, beware there is line voltage present inside this cover. The regulator is how you set the output pressure for your use. The regulator is the device with the knob your turning and should have a gauge installed directly to it. If you look at the regulator there should be an arrow on it showing airflow direction, make sure that it is pointed away from the tank, and towards your air line fitting for tool use, the gauge should be installed in one of the side ports of the regulator usually an 1/8" fitting, unless it's a big regulator in which case it could be 1/4". If everything looks correct the regulator may be blown, go to home depot and pick up a Campbell Hausfield, regulator (around $20.00 much more cost effective than going to Sears). One other thought, check out Campbell Hausfields or other compressor mfg's web sites and see if you can get any kind of a diagram that shows what I've tried to explain above.
    Good Luck
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