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  • Rigid 1065LZ

    I have a rigid MS1065LZ that I bought a few years ago. shortly after buying it I was working on remodeling a store that had been closed down. A careless worker slammed into the bench it was sitting on with a forklift and knocked my saw to the floor, breaking part that mounts to base. I was able to order a replacement part, but have not been able to reassemble correctly. The saw has been tucked away under one of my work benches for awhile. Today I decided to work on it again and see if I can get it taken care of.

    I have been unsuccessful and am getting aggravated with it.

    The big problem is the torsion spring. When I put the torsion spring place and pop in the shaft, the saw head tilts back all the way, so I started looking in the manual and noticed the picture of the torsion spring in the exploded view is the exact opposite of what was in my saw.

    Has anyone else had this type of trouble and what did you to correct it (short of taking it to a repair shop)

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    Re: Rigid 1065LZ

    i know i'm almost a year late with this, but, if you look in the back, on the right side (facing from the front) there is a button that you would depress to lock the saw in the DOWN position.

    this button also prevents it from springing all the way backwards as well. you must have this button installed with the set screw.

    on the saw blade assembly drawing, this would be part numbers 54, 53, and 52.