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    I have a quick question or two about the ridgid dust collector.
    1. I have a 4.5 hp shop vac at home. will this vac be strong enough to do the job?
    2. How can I hook it up to my jointer? I have the 0610 from ridgid. It has a 4" chute and they only give you 2" pipe for the collector.
    3. Do I have to buy the table saw attachment also to fit on my 3650?

    Thanks in advance for any help that can be given.


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    You can get adapters to hook it up to the jointer.

    As to it being strong enough.

    A shop vac does not move near as much air as a DC does. You'll have to give it a whirl and see if it works for ya.
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      I would not hook a shop vac to the jointer. It will not handle the amount that comes out and will stop up. I let it dump on the floor untill I got the dust collector. If you let it dump out take the 4" adapter off.

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        I use the Ridgid W/D Vac on both my jointer and planer. It's 6.25hp model with the standard tug a long hose. Mine has never stopped up, even doing a 13" board on the planer.

        But I don't drastically thick slices off either. 1/64 of an inch is about has heavy as I go. I hate dealing with tear out.
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          The 4" opening on the 4" Joiner Planer is there because the amount of chips it produces. Reducing down to 2 1/2" standard wet dry vac hose size will cause a back up and the chips will start flying out through the cutter head. DC's are the way to go. If you don't have one slide the adapter plate up and let the chips fall. Try a cardboard box and tape the lid below the chip chute. It will catch most and need to be emptied a lot. The 3650 has baffling around the lower housing of the blade and a 2 1/2" opening that the standard vac hose will hook to directly. The previous models required the purchase of the dust collection unit. Look up under the saw and you will see what I'm talking about.

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