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  • TS 3612 Fence slots

    Been using my 3612 for a couple of months now, made the cross cut sled and a few other jigs. Love to just cut some wood on it.

    But, went to the Wood show this weekend, first time. Bought a couple of goodies.

    Does anyone know what size the slots are on the sides of the fence? The top slots appear to be 1/4 x 20, but not the side slots. Want to try out my new feather boards. thanx for help.

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    1/4-20 bolts slide in all the slots on the fence. If they do not fit in yours, check for a burr in the aluminum. Also, the toilet bolts with wings slightly ground down work even better because of the extra surface area on the heads. You can get 10 packs from woodcraft.


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      Also check the plastic end cap. I had to file my down.


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        I'm not sure this helps but... I checked my fence for the rectangular nuts for 1/4" t-track sold at woodpeck's. I like the rectangular nuts better because they slide easier than hex-head bolts. Interestingly, the rectangular nuts fit the top track but not the sides! I checked their thickness against the square bolts supplied by Ridgid. The rectangular nuts were 1/16" wider than the Ridgid and just a hair wider than 1/4" bolts I use for jigs (which do fit the side t-slots). So given my findings, I wouldn't be suprised if standard 1/4" hex-head bolts will never fit your fence sides (I hope that I am wrong). I did recently order the square bolts from woodpeck's with a larger order. I wasn't here to sign for the package today but I'll let you know, hopefully tomorrow.


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          The top and side 1/4" T-slots on my 3612 fence have exactly the same dimensions. Although slightly shallower and narrower, than the slots on other equipment I have, standard hex and square nuts as well as hex headed bolts slide in all 4 OK. Hex nuts are available in around 4 heights, only the three smallest will fit.



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            Got the package from Woodpeck's and the square bolts from there do fit. They are the same size as those supplied from Ridgid.

            Richard, if 1/4" hex-head bolts don't fit in the side slots of your fence, you should call Ridgid since it appears that they should. You could also send the new moderator, Bob, a quick note. He may be able to answer better if you got an out-of-dimension fence. Since the side slots on my fence are not equal either, it may be something that Ridgid should also be aware of.


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              Thanx. I tried the extra square head bolts that were left over from my installation packages, and they fit. Funny, the hex 1/4 bolts fit the top, but not the side. I will try and get some square heads.

              Bob, any input for this problem?