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    In my opinion, one cannot go to a big box store and EXPECT sound advice and knowledgable sales people. Sometimes it happens, but one cannot EXPECT it. COSTCO sells a lot of computers and printers, but no one knows anything about them.

    My local HD went way above the call of duty with my saw. Scott, the tool crib man, grabbed a kid and they took off their aprons and drove home with me to help me unload it. It happens, but you can't EXPECT it.

    One must support their local specialty store to get useful floor models, use instructions, demos, etc.

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    You got lucky.
    At my local HD, they won't even move there a** out of the way if your coming down the isle with a 300# cart of wood!
    It took me twenty minutes just to find someone in the tool crib to see if they had a Planner in stock. The floor model had no price on it and was covered with a pile of junk. I was then told they don't carry it anymore. I asked if the floor model was for sale and was told they would check. They never came back.
    There must be something wrong with me, because I keep going back for more of this kind of treatment.
    My wife brought back two plants that had died (unconditional guarantee). She was made a fool out of at the return desk. I gathered up about $45,000.00 in reciepts from my Home remodeling project and took them to the store Manager demanding an apology from the person at the return desk. Was told the person at the desk was the Plant Department Manager and knew about plants and why they died. They traded $45,000.00 in sales for $4.00 worth of dead plants. I now buy my lumber and supplies at Ganahl's.
    Rob Johnson
    Orange Ca.
    Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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      It's a shame when such a minor thing as a dead plant will cause a business to loose the business of your size.
      If I were the manager, I'd not only replace the plant, but give you another for your troubles.
      However, it is HD.
      The prices are low because......
      I wish you much luck with your new vendor but hope it doesn't discourage the purchase of any future Ridgid machinery or tools.
      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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        I'm going to try to buy the floor display Planer again this weekend. It's just sitting there piled high with junk. I'll gladly take it off there hands. As for the lathe, I was almost ready to go to Utah to pick it up. It's a shame theres no other outlet. I know what I want but just can't buy it!
        Rob Johnson
        Orange, Ca.
        Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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          Rob, I don't mean to stear you away from anything, but the Ridgid lathe was dropped from a lot of stores because it didn't sell that well. In all the recent WW reviews I've read, the Ridgid lathe is at or near the bottom. These same mags give the saws, jointer, and drill press good marks though. [img]smile.gif[/img]

          if you want an inexpensive lathe that works, I would suggest a Delta Midi-lathe. You can pick one up for $300 or less and they come with a free bed extension right now. (total of 37" between centers) A Jet will cost you a few $$ more.


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            As I have said before, the Ridgid lathe is good, BUT there is NOT a DUPLICATOR that will fit it. To use a duplicator you need a flat bed, Ridgid is a TUBE. It cost me $$$ to get the Ridgid & Duplicator to get together and work.. Good advise.. Buy a DELTA or JET and save many $$$


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              A Jet would be my second choice, based on some excellent customer support I have recieved from the WMH tool group.
              Customer Support is very important to me. That's why I put up with all the HD bull to buy(or try to buy) Ridgid tools.
              Rob J.
              Orange, Ca.
              Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!