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    Email from Penn State, awesome sale on clamps, free shipping w/$100 clamp purchase.
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    Happy Belated Birthday Woody
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      After 2 weeks, and no clamps (already received cc bill and paid...[wrong credit card bill]) I emailed Penn State on where my order was. No email confermation, no order number, nothing. No response. So I called last thursday as I didn't have to work that day. Order was never shipped...

      Received the order today. 12-24" clamps. 8-12" clamps and 4 edge clamps.

      I was so suprissed. I figured (by the picture, and price) they would be similar to the Bessey Mighty Mini clamps (have a bunch of those too). But when I looked at the box sitting in the breezeway returning from work, it said 86 lbs.!

      So I get the dolley, and make way with the box to the shop. Opened it up, and awed at the size of these clamps! I have 16-8" bessey mighty mini's and they cost about the same as this order.

      Tonight's task was to add to the clamp rack to make room for these things. Not a high quality clamp, but by far worth the price.

      Anyone else order any of these?

      Just wish I would have ordered more hand screw clamps with it. (btw, this was my B-day tool, never just ONE tool!)

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        I have eight of the deep throat clamps in 6" and 12" sizes. While they work well enough, they aren't my favorite clamps to use. My main issue with them is that the clamp pads are thin and flexible, and they tend to either fall off or get twisted out of shape as you apply clamping pressure. You really have to pay attention to them while you are clamping things up, and I'd rather worry about the project than the clamps. They also don't have a very smooth sliding action, but the screw mechanism works okay.

        A couple of good points are that they do their job well enough and they are made out of heavy and solid materials so they should last. I don't think I'll be buying more, though, just because I don't like having to fiddle with them. Having said all that, if you need a lot of clamps on a low budget, they'll certainly work.

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          Interesting enough, UPS backed up in the drive as I was eating lunch today (no work again today!).
          I knew I didn't have anything coming. Driver greeted me and said I have another heavy one for you.
          Looks exactly like the one that came yesterday, same 86 lb tag on it. I grunted the thing into the breezeway, and it will remain there for a while.

          Computer errors... Now if they don't bill be twice, OH BOY. I got more clamps than I'll ever need I think.
          If I do get billed again, UPS will be picking the 2nd deliver back up. Though I know there isn't room on the CC for a second order, and it's here.


          Reconciled the CC bill this morning. Closing date was 3/19. Ordered the clamps on 2/28. Received the order, and the duplicate. Neither has been billed to the CC yet. I think I like this Penn State place! I can wait 3 weeks for an order anytime when they send it twice and don't bill me once.

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            Your shipping/ordering problems don't surprise me. I ordered a PS DC and pretty much the same thing---no order conformation---had to call them to see what was taking so long. Their shipping rates, IMO, don't justify the really long arrival times. Great DC though!


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              The LOML immediately said no he won't ever have enough clamps.....

              Hmmm...I wonder how she knows that???

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              Darn I\'ve stretched this board 3 times & it\'s still to short.


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                You notice he dropped the "I need clamps, donations accepted" from his signature? I bet it would read "OK, got enough clamps, need more lumber,(or glue) donations accepted)


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                  You got that right Mike.
                  Now I need lumber!

                  Donations accepted
                  John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>