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R4511 Fence Alignment

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    Re: R4511 Fence Alignment

    I have tried everything listed above as well.
    If I had a machine shop, I would make my own fence. As it is, I am kind of leary about drilling out the holes if I replace the guides for the fence.

    I can get it to lock ok, I guess, but not good enough to turn out work good enough to sell. I have a few things I need to build and at the moment, this saw is not aligned good enough to do it. The display at the store works great. maybe I can get them to trade me. I would like to change the guides the fence runs on as the plastic joint they provided leave me a bit suspicious. But If I can't get this fence issure resolved I will likely just take this one back and get a saw that comes with a quaity fence. I hate to think I have to spend another couple hundred dollars to get a working fence.
    If I can't get it working in the next few days, I will just return it and get something from Grizzly or jet. It is pretty aggravating when you can't get a brand new machine to run right.
    I would like to see the pics of your finished machine.


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      Re: R4511 Fence Alignment

      Check the Lowes stores around you for the Delta T30 fence. AFAIK its a direct copy of the Biesemeyer (possibly even made by Biesemyer)

      If they still have it it will be on clearance for anywhere between 80 and 129.00.

      I can sell you my extended rails/fence if you want Not as heavy duty as the previous posters, but all one piece (along with extra room and holes for a router table add-on.) and I had the setup dead on before installing my Incra TS setup.


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        Re: R4511 Fence Alignment

        The fence design is pretty simple. I could be missing something, but I think the only thing which will cause it to deflect is the pads. Especially if you've seen the same problem on two different fences, I suspect what you're seeing is the same as others here have described.

        The pads need to be coplanar when not clamped. This means that you need to adjust the screws to square the fence, then bend the pad support bar to align the pads to each other.

        A framing square works well for this, because it's the same width as the front rail. You can clamp it in the fence and see how the pads will hit the rail, and observe the deflection without mounting the fence to the saw. Shine a light from underneath so you can confirm that both pads are flat to the straightedge when not clamped.

        This is difficult to describe, and I probably have not done any better than others. I will try to post some pics later.

        I started with almost 1/8" deflection. By bending the pad supports, I now get about 0.002", which I think I can live with.
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          Re: R4511 Fence Alignment

          Couple o things, if you can't resolve the 4511.
          You can get a Delta T2 at Lowe's for dirt cheap under $150.00
          But you will have to drill some holes.
          It is very much the same as the Jet Proshop (minor differences)
          and it works very well it is high quality and great value at that price..
          Or (if new saw) check out the Steel City stuff (they make the 4511) most Woodcraft
          stores sell them.
          I also like the Jet Proshop.
          Dude I feel your pain, as I was really disappointed when I set mine up.
          But ,drilling some holes aint that big of a deal and I still think this saw is better then what Grizzly or Woodworker Supply is offering at the moment at that price.
          Just clamp the old rails as templates for your new holes.
          Or get Home Depot to Trade ,good luck...D..


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            Re: R4511 Fence Alignment

            well, I got another fence from Home Depot. While it seems to align ok and all, the sides of the fence are bowed so I can't be sure if I have it parallel with the blade now. Wow this is annoying. Where did they get this steel from? The 2nds bin? I hate to spend the extra cash but I have seent eh delta fence at Lowes and I might have to get it. I am going to try putting some UHMW plates on the sides and see how that does. The wife is not so cool on me blowing another 130 bucks on the saw.
            Thanks for all the suggestions guys.


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              Re: R4511 Fence Alignment

              Millepede... as long as the fence aligns and locks well you are good to go. even Bies. fences do not rely on the metal tube in the fence for accuracy - thats why they all have face frames. get some UHMW or similar (even MDF with a few coats of poly yields great results as it's smooth and consistent). and mount it to the steel fence using bolts in the 3 existing holes. shim between the face frame and the steel tube where needed to get a straight flat fence.

              I didn't really expect the steel fence to be straight. but I always wondered why they cheaped out on the face frames... would add ~$10 to their cost.... but whatever... an easy (and necessary) upgrade/mod.

              the Delta T2 is nice , and if I wouldn't have been able to fix my fence - I'd probably go that route myself considering that I got the saw for so little money compared to other saws in the category, but since I was able to fix the fence - why spend the extra $$$. just put face frames on it!


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                Re: R4511 Fence Alignment

                well, once again I have the problem...though I have been able to narrow down the issue. It ONLY mis-aligns when it straddles the gap. which of course is about 90% of small cuts. So one of my tubes is apparently bent or bowed as referenced to the otherso as I tighten the clamp on the fence is moves toward the "skinny" tube....Now what?


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                  Re: R4511 Fence Alignment

                  contact ridgid tech support and get some guidance from them. i have found them very helpful.. tech, not customer, support. or, you could drag your saw back to HD for exchange. or, get a delta contractor saw with a t30. when i saw the delta with a t30 and compared that fence to the 4511 fence, i got turned off to the 4511. the delta fence was beefier, smoother and appeared to be easier to use. and i really wanted to like the 4511.
                  there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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                    Re: R4511 Fence Alignment

                    If it moves when you straddle the joint, make sure you have both pieces properly aligned. Loosen the screws. Take a 4 ft level and clamp it to both pieces to line them up, then tighten the mounting screws.


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                      Re: R4511 Fence Alignment

                      based on your latest comment, it seems that at least we know what's the problem with your fence- its not the fence itself, but the misalignment between the 2 tubes... since it only happens when the fence is saddling BOTH tubes.

                      as tomapple suggested - loosen one tube, and align it with the other one - this can be a PITA, but this is the way to go. the other option is to replace the 2 piece tubes with a single long piece of 2x2x1/8" tube all together.


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                        Re: R4511 Fence Alignment

                        Both tubes were aligned at the time I was having the problem. The only solution I can think of is to get a full length tube maybe make it a foot longer for a router table or what.
                        I really have to have to dump more money on this saw. I mean it was not terribly expensive but I have seen much better fences on cheaper saws. I think this fence system might be this saws downfall.


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                          Re: R4511 Fence Alignment

                          Well, I replaced the front guide rail with 1/4" 2"x2"x6' tubing. Everything works great. Wish it would have come like this out of the box. Now for the back rail...times like these make me wish for a drill press lol

                          btw...if a set of metric taps cost 15 probably don't want them.
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                            Re: R4511 Fence Alignment

                            I also had problems with the two piece front rail creating precise and repeatable alignment impossible. The two sections of the rail itself was aligned perfectly, but when the joint was straddled with the fence and locked down, the pressure would cause one of the sections to move. The bottom of the rail would remain secured by the bolts but the top of the rails would actually shift out of alignment with one another. It took me many painstaking hours of multiple adjustments of the rails and fence before I discovered this problem. I finally created a mending plate that would secure the two sections but not interfere with operation of the fence. Because of what appeared to me to be a design flaw,I contacted Ridgid support through this website assuming that this problem was not unique to my saw. They informed me that that had not in fact received any complaints of this nature with the fence. I have not followed up any more. To be specific again, my problem would only appear when checking the fence to miter alignment with the fence straddling the rail joint. Alignment was fine all along the rail except when the fence lock down would compromise the stability of the joint. Before my repair it was possible to visually see the rail shift. Has anyone else noticed this? If not perhaps only a few of these two piece rails are too weak in the joint.


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                              Re: R4511 Fence Alignment

                              I did not actually check to look for movement on the guide rail but that could have been the problem. I just assumed that they were slightly different in depth and that caused the deflection of the fence. In either case I still think it is a poor design.


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                                Re: R4511 Fence Alignment

                                You are so right..
                                I saw all the same issues, I also removed my fence and checked it on a different tube.
                                This did a lot to correct the problem of shifting at lock down.
                                But, I also had flexing at the weld joint of the fence lever.
                                I have just got my new rails and fence back from being powder coated.
                                I will soon post pics.
                                Yes,the Metal is poor quality it spits badly when you try to weld it.
                                I just started from scratch and I'm glad I did.
                                Poor design? YES, I'm in total agreement.
                                Shame on Ridgid, TS2400/TS3660 have GREAT FENCES.
                                I dont think Ridgid had anything to do with this design other then buying from Steel City and selling it to us.
                                The saw is great though with better rails & fence.

                                The Delta T2 should do you good Millipede.
                                Keep us informed of your progress...