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Table Extensions out of square: Ridgid Help no help at all...Can anyone here help?

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  • Table Extensions out of square: Ridgid Help no help at all...Can anyone here help?

    Called Ridgid parts today to see about getting both my table extensions replaced on my TS 3612. Had to wait to over 15 minutes each time to talk with some one the first two times I called. Yeah, I had to call twice only to be told wrong information on their “Service Center”. The would tell me a name and number so I hung up and made the call. Both times I was told that it had been over a year since the particular "Service Center" had dealt with Ridgid Power tools and ask me to tell Ridgid to take them off their list.

    I tried calling a third time to the 800 number and waited so long I got transferred to a different menu and never spoke to another soul.

    I then took it upon myself to waste my time and locate a Ridgid Service Center that handles warranty repairs and found one. Only to be told it would be 5 weeks and I would have to wheel my whole saw up there for them to see the extensions were truly out of square. Yeah, right! I will repackage this thing and get a refund before that happens. Can’t these people use a machinist square to determine that?

    Can someone on this forum help me out? I have been more than patient putting this saw through it’s paces getting everything just so to find out that it was a defect from the factory. It is not like I am asking for the world, just two square table extensions to make my saw right. Cutting hardwoods really sucks and I have two sets of cabinets waiting to be made. I don’t want to wait 5 weeks before my saw is usable again and I do not appreciate the fact that Ridgid seems to not know correct phone numbers and correct service centers that repair or replace their equipment.


    Eric Barger

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    If you are sure it's the extensions and not the table/center----why not try to take them back to HD and have them exchange them for new one out of the box. I think if you go high enough up the chain of managment, you'll get some help.


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      i will take this model # to work and call tech service, maby they will send me a break down onthe table, and if i get it ill let you know


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        Yes, I doubled checked last night to make sure it was the extensions and not the table. Placing 4 different squares on the corners led to empty space beyond what I thought possible.

        Doing the same on the table, perfect fit.

        I can't believe that the moderator's on this forum can't help me out. Very dissapointing on Ridgid's behalf and this defintely will freflect on future purchases.



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          Did you ask your HD salesperson if you copuld "swap" the extensions?

          They may let you do this.
          keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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            called ridgid like i do all the time for threading parts ,so i asked for a parts list on the ts3612 and he said what. oh thats a woodworking tool and thats a whole different matter so he gave me another # and i called. they did not answer ridgid may i help you,but i was able to get the list but she said i would have to order from her co. good luck every body. if your name is on it the co. should be able to help you just like pc, dewalt, milw.,makita,......


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              One of my extensions was out of square. I called called the 800 number and after about 10 minutes I got someone to talk to. The person I talked to had no idea what the table extensions were. After walking them through the different parts to a table saw. The person finally got it. After a few days and aspirin later I finally got my extension. Good luck



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                Tim, I have given the part number to them and everytime I call the person is in the know. It seems that Ridgid customer service has taken a dive for the worse. You can not get anything like that without someone like Bob on here to do it for you. The two people I have talked to on the phone so far have been nice, they just don't know their correct service centers and can not send me out a part. Talk about really putting a kink in my hobby, this is the kiss of death.



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                  I checked personally with the three local HD stores in my area. Not one of them will swap the table extensions. I spoke to a manager in two of the three and they said they do not get credit unless I was to return the entire saw. They said they would glady take my current saw back but I would have to bring back in.

                  So, no luck with Ridgid or HD. Although HD has been clear, upfront and expidient in helping me every way they can.

                  I still believe this falls on Ridgid and I am disbelief at the fact I can't get any help on this matter.



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                    After hearing this I sure am glad I don't own any Ridgid tools.

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                      The Ridgid service center in Elyria, OH is about 20 mins from my house. Does anyone know if I can get my extension wings swapped out there?

                      I had no idea it could be an out of square table. I'll have to double check that. I'd hate to have to move that beast.


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                        The service center is 1 hour from my house, at least the one I had to track down myself. Maybe your service center will be smarter and just check the extensions for squarness. They will still have to order the extensions for ya though. I don't believe they stock any parts since these service centers are just fix-it shops (at least the ones I have contacted).

                        Good luck and if you do get help, please email me and mabye you can help me? [img]smile.gif[/img]

                        I have sent Bob an email to check this thread out and offer some comments. I hope he does and not just let this sit.

                        Maybe I should have just told Ridgid my saw didn't come with the extensions?



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                          just a thought, HD gave you a solution "take the saw back" why not use it bill


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                            Take the extensions back to HD and try to exchange them. A half decent employee will do that for you. Explain the situation, be polite, friendly and do not get angry. No threats or ultimatums. Treat them like you like to be treated. I've returned bad parts from large or heavy items to HD with no problems. Their employees always understood why I did not bring back the entire product, especially if assembly was involved. Most HD employees are more or less like you or me and will understand.


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                              If I take the saw back they want it dismantled.

                              When I made the three trips to the different Home Depot I was as cool as anyone. I was extremely polite and spoke with the managers. They wanted to make the swap but they can not.

                              Again, why can't Ridgid make up for this? Afterall, I know for a fact it was not this hard to get replacement parts for defective units in the past.

                              I know this sounds unbelievable to a few of you, but take your extensions off the saw and walk into a HD and see if they will exchange them. I bet they don't.

                              I am contemplating another solution to this. My wife made a suggestion and it looks like I will have to do it although I really don't want too. Kind of a sneaky way around getting my table extensions swapped but it would get the job done.