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Hi All....Can anyone help with TS3612/Home Depot problem?

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  • Hi All....Can anyone help with TS3612/Home Depot problem?

    Hi All....I've been popping in from time to time the last few days, checking out your forum. I bought a TS3612 a couple weekends ago so I've been dropping in checking out router table wings, pro's and cons to wiring motor 220, blade recomendations and everything in-between.
    I have learned there seems to be alot of knowledgable folks here that seem more than willing to help....its nice to be able to jump on the internet these days, and find a forum full of people who are sharing good info from their own experiences instead of having to figuring it out the hardway through your own mistakes.
    A few things that I've gathered is that everyone seems to be proud of their Ridgid tools, beleive in their customer service and lifetime waranty.....and having to buy exclusivly from HD definatly seems to be a touchy subject (for some, maybe not for others) Oh yeah.....seems to be a bunch of Dave's around.
    Anyways...I think I remember the helpful Ridgid rep that rings in from time to time as being Jake? that right?? The deal is, I bought my TS3612 Friday before last. The saw was open box and was all on a role cart, all the seperate boxes still sealed. Well the HD salesman gave me a discount because it was open box, had light stains on the table, and you could tell it had been used lightly...had a little saw dust behind the carbides. The extention wings were bolted on but he caster system, stand, and rails were all still sealed in there boxes.
    Sorry I'm get to the point, He assured me it was all there, and when I get home I'm missing a few pieces. Couple bars for the caster system, rail end caps, Fence/Miter guage hooks, etc. I called they said they would take care of it come back to the store, I drove an hour back over there...none on hand, cant disturb the so and so Monday....I call they wont be back for 3-days talk to this other person. You get were I'm going, extra trip and four calls later...nothing.
    Anybody got any idea's?....Can Jake help?

    *Keystone posted below and informed me Jake is not here anymore, after doing a search I see it looks like he left around April? and Bob came on to moderate. Thanks Keystone.

    ...If anybody can help let me know
    Ridgid Rep?...Anybody?

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    I am sad to report that Jake is no longer part of the Rigid Forum.........

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      I see you have touched on another passion of many of the members here.

      We realy liked Jake.

      over at Ridgid Parts Site the list the phone number 1-866-539-1710. You might try there.

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        Originally posted by RixWorx:

        over at Ridgid Parts Site the list the phone number 1-866-539-1710. You might try there.

        Thanks Rick...I planned on trying that number tomorrow as they seemed to be closed now.

        I posted because I wasnt sure how helpful they might be since it seems to be sort of a point-of-purhcase type problem and not exactly a warranty type issue. Thought maybe a Ridgid rep on here my be more responsive than just be the next phone call....shrug....I don't know?


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          Called Ridgid today, They said no problem parts are on the way...
          If you read your own forum....Thanks Ridgid.
          No more H-Depot headaches.