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  • JP0610 Jonter - My thoughts

    I purchased the JP0610 Jointer from Home Depot at what I think is a bargain for what you get. I got it on sale for $350. I'll post my thoughts for those in the market.

    Packing was just awesome. If you pulled anything out of the box damaged or even scratched I'd be surprised. Even the nuts and bolts were in this nice package with little individually labeled compartments. No guessing on which bolts were which.

    Some of the bolt holes on the legs didn't line up without just a bit of pushing or pulling but nothing out of the ordinary for this type of construction.

    It was quite accurate out of the box but I did adjust the fence stops to 90 and 135 degrees. I also added a very small shim to the blade side of the outfeed table to make the beds parallel. I think it was a .005" feeler gauge is what I ended up with. It was very minimal but I'm a perfectionist.

    Getting the outfeed table adjusted to the blades is very important. No matter how parallel the tables are if your outfeed side isn't correct you'll get all sorts of weird things. I'm fairly new to woodworking but to me the jointer seems to me to be one of the most finicky tools on accuracy. If it isn't set up's not going to cut right.

    It runs pretty smooth and quiet, and when hooked up to a Jet 1100CFM canister filter dust collector it is also pretty clean. No clogs to speak of. No chatter or tearout, just a smooth, flat, square edge.

    Bottom line, once tweaked I don't see how paying nearly twice as much on the Jet's or Delta's could be argued. And I know for a fact their tools often need tuning out of the boxes as well! I also own a Jet drill press and a Jet table saw. I'd say I spent about an hour putting it together and another hour tuning it. But again, I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to woodworking.

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    I bought that same jointer back in May, I think. Same thing as you, everything very well packaged, and pretty much dead on right out of the box. I adjusted the fence this morning. That's the only thing I've done to it since I bought. It is about time for a new set of blades though.