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    I am thinking about buying an Incra table saw fence for my Ridgid TS2424. I love woodworking but I am not really proficient at modifying machinery. Will the Incra fence fit on my saw and if so is it difficult to install? I have also sent this question to Incra but thought you may also help.

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    It will bolt right on, Dave. HOWEVER, the blade guard/splitter unit won't fit over the rear rail.

    Some options:

    1) The rear rail can be split so the guard/splitter fits right where it is.
    2) The rear rail can be mounted further to the right than the guard/splitter, leaving it right where it is. This would require leaving the stock right extension table on, to give a large enough mounting span for the rails. Of course you would have no capacity to the left of blade, but there isn't much reason to have that on a left tilt saw anyway.
    3) You could scratch the stock guard/splitter and use other means. This is what I chose, using a splitter glued into my zero-clearance insert (idea courtesy of Kelly Mehler in Fine Woodworking a year or two ago), and an Excalibur overhead guard.

    The Incra is exceptionally flexible in how it mounts. If you have further questions, feel free to post or e-mail.